Microsoft Windows 7 Update Causing Document-Scanning Problems

Xerox today issued a notice regarding users encountering document scanning problems when using SMB (Server Message Block) network file-sharing protocol to scan documents to PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2.

Xerox confirmed that a Microsoft Windows update (KB4480970) released on January 8, 2019 has caused SMB scanning and file sharing on Windows 7  and Windows Server 2008 R2 PCs to no longer function. It noted that this is not just an issue with Xerox MFPs and scanners, but that other vendors’ devices are also affected by this update.

One of the following fault codes or errors may occur when attempting to scan via SMB to a Windows 7 PC  or Windows Server 2008 R2:

  • Fault Code 016-767
  • Fault Code 018-762
  • Fault Code 031-522
  • Communication Error message
  • Login Failure, Check User Name and/or Setups message
  • Invalid Handle failure (if WireShark was used to capture a network trace)

Release notes of this issue are found on the Microsoft Windows Support site. Click on this Microsoft Website. On the Microsoft website, click on Support and search on KB4480970.


Microsoft released a new update/patch (KB4487345) on January 11, 2019 to resolve this issue.

The new update is found by:

  • Checking for the update within the Windows Update control panel menu.
  • Visiting the Microsoft Update Catalog website.
  • Visiting, clicking on Support, and then searching on KB4487345.

For more details and support, contact Microsoft.

If after installing the Microsoft update users still have errors, they should consider contacting their local support centre for more assistance.

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