Trade War Prompts Ricoh to Move Manufacturing Out of China

According to The Epoch Times, Ricoh Company of Japan is moving its manufacturing out of China in response to the ongoing U.S.-China tariff war, under which the United States is imposing tariffs on Chinese goods, including copier and printer parts. The move is also said to be in response to the economic downturn in China.

On January 5th, Ricoh announced that it would be relocating a factory out of China, according to a report by Radio Free Asia (RFA), citing Japan’s Kyodo News.

Ricoh is said to be preparing to transfer its printer production line to Thailand. The company currently exports printers made in Shanghai and Shenzhen in China to the United States. Ricoh will be able to restart production in Thailand within two months.

An employee who has worked at Ricoh’s Shenshen branch in China is also said to have confirmed that some of Ricoh’s factories are moving their production lines to Thailand. However, Ricoh is also said to be building a new factory in Dongguan, a Chinese city near Shenzhen.

According to The Epoch, since the beginning of the U.S.-China trade war last summer, some 400 U.S.-funded companies have announced that they’ll withdraw their manufacturing from China. Samsung Electronics shut down its smartphone factory in Tianjin in China, and Apple announced it will begin assembling its top-end iPhones in India through a  local unit of Foxconn as early as 2019.

Along with the tariff war, labor and land costs are also said to have been rising in China.

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