Listen to Scanned Documents with Xerox Audio Documents App

Xerox has announced perhaps one of the most interesting apps for its ConnectKey-enabled copier/MFPs, Xerox Audio Documents App, which is used to convert a scanned hard-copy document into an audio file that can be listened to.

As Xerox notes, one application might be having a document read for a meeting or a workshop, or  listening to the document being read while commuting to and from work.

How Does It Work?

The user opens the app, enters their email address and desired language, and then scans the document with the Xerox ConnectKey MFP. An MP3 link is then sent to the specified email address.  The user can then open the file and listen to their document being read.

The Xerox Audio Documents app supports document submissions in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Audio App Screenshot

Xerox states that simple to even complex documents can be scanned, and that the Audio Documents app can accommodate challenging document formats. For example, text displayed in columns can be interpreted into audio output. Best results are achieved with simple layouts with no handwriting, simple graphics, and no background color on the original.

Where to get the App and Support

Users can try and then buy the app by going to the Xerox App Gallery and selecting the Xerox Audio Documents under the General category.  There’s also a Quick Start Guide and a  support site for the Xerox App Gallery. Support is available at the App Gallery board on the Xerox Customer Support Community forum.

Below is a sampling of available apps at the Xerox App Gallery.

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