New Brother VC-500W Label, Photo Printer with ZINK Ink-Less Printing

Last week at the 2019 Consumer Electronics (CES) Show in Las Vegas, ZINK Holdings, the pioneer of ZINK Zero Ink printing technology, announced that Brother International VC-500W compact color printers, which use ZINK’s patented ink-less printing technology and paper, will be available for purchase in the United States at all major online retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot and Staples, starting February 1st.

ZINK is a full-color printing system that eliminates the need for ink cartridges or ribbons, as all of the color required for printing an image is embedded in the required ZINK paper itself. Because ink isn’t used, no drying time is required. The Brother VC-500W is said to be an easy to use compact label, and photo printer that allows users to print directly from smart phones and tablets in full  color.

ZINK paper is also said to be water-, tear- and smudge resistant, and has an adhesive backing that adheres to most surfaces.

For businesses, the printer is said to provide easy label printing, enabling users to print full-color labels tailored for specific branding, photos, stickers and more, up to 17” long in a single pass without the need for ink cartridges, ribbons or toner. ZINK Paper comes in five different widths and can be printed up to 17-inch long.

Over the past 12 months, ZiNK states that not only has its global market share grown significantly, but so has the applications for its technology. Brother joins Canon, HP Inc., Polaroid, Kodak, and Lifeprint as anchor consumer brands that use ZINK printing technology in their  printers.

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