New Xerox Live Video Chat for Service Help

On January 8th, Xerox announced a new offering, Service Delivery Video Chat, which enables users to communicate with a Xerox support agent through video chat.  The company says Video Chat will enable Xerox support reps to show users  exactly what they are seeing at their printers and copiers, and help those Xerox support reps get printers and copiers back up and running.

How Does It Work?

The user first calls their local support center. The support agents have the option to try a remote solve. Using the Remote Solve  option, customers are given the option to call via video chat – Skype or FaceTime are the video-chat options at this time.  The agent can then direct the user on how to fix an issue remotely and they can actually see what the user is seeing on their machine.  According to Xerox, the use of video chat could lead to faster resolution, less explaining, and more problem solving on the first call.

The video below that explains this new service and shows you how it works.

Sign Up

Xerox customers can subscribe to the Xerox Support YouTube Channel so that they don’t miss important information and so they can  find videos to walk them through how to use, fix, and maintain their devices. See the video  below on how to subscribe to a YouTube channel.

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