Layoffs Hit Xerox

The Democrat & Chronicle reports that Xerox began laying off people yesterday, with the layoffs consisting of an  unspecified number of employees in the company’s management ranks.

Gary Bonadonna of the Rochester Regional Joint Board, an  organization that represents multiple local union shops, including Xerox’s Local 14A, said some management personnel learned of the layoff early yesterday..

The layoffs do not include union-represented employees, which include manufacturing and production workers, he said.

In October 2018, for its third fiscal quarter for 2018, Xerox had announced it planned some 900 layoffs worldwide.

In August 2018, Xerox employees in Webster, New York, in other parts of the United States, and in Canada were informed by Xerox that their positions were being  eliminated. The positions eliminated included those in Xerox’s internal IT operations, including IT software engineers, systems engineers, program managers and associated support, as well as finance managers, according to Xerox spokesperson Bill McKee at the time.

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