Epson Launches ‘Cornerstone Print’ Print-as-a-Service Program

Epson America today introduced Cornerstone, a new print-as-a-service program for IT value-added resellers selling to small and mid-size businesses. The Cornerstone program is designed to help resellers build long-term relationships with customers, capture end-user system revenue and margin, while reducing the IT VARs’ overall cost to serve their customer.

Epson says Cornerstone is a unique tool that enables resellers to build  long-term relationships with their customers. Via the cloud-based Cornerstone Web portal, IT VARs can generate a three-year print agreement for the latest business class Epson WorkForce Pro inkjet printers, including a limited full-term warranty and automatic supply delivery. The IT VAR receives the full revenue and margin for all hardware and warranty upfront as well as the full value of ink over the term of the agreement. Cornerstone supports the IT VAR with billing, service and logistics support, reducing the reseller’s operating expenses.

For customers, the three-year Cornerstone program provides:

Budget-Friendly Billing:  Print with just one consolidated monthly payment that covers  Epson printers and MFPs and three years of service and support.

Printer Monitoring: Cornerstone monitors Epson printers via the customer’s network for service issues. Service issues will be resolved over the phone if possible, or a technician will be deployed to the customer’s office.

Three Years of Ink and Service: As soon as Epson printers run low on ink, supplies are automatically ordered and the costs applied to the customer’s next monthly installment.

“Epson built the Cornerstone Print as a Service program to offer resellers a tool to build long-term and profitable customer relationships,” explained Larry Trevarthen, director of business imaging, Epson America, Inc. “With the market trends shifting from selling devices to selling services, resellers are looking for tools that ensure they retain the long-term relationship with their end users while also receiving the full value of that relationship, especially IT VARs that are currently selling on a transactional basis and may not have the ability to maintain ongoing service and support.”

Through Cornerstone, resellers can develop and sell a print agreement that is integrated with partners including: Great America Financial Services for monthly billing and tax management; PrintFleet for device management; and Synnex Corporation for distribution and automatic supplies replenishment. With printer service led by Epson, minimal support from the reseller is required.

The Cornerstone program includes solutions for building and sharing a quote for one device up to a fleet of products; contracting with the end-user electronically; monitoring the device for service and ink needs; resolving all installation, service and ink supply needs; and billing and reporting on a monthly basis. Cornerstone is designed to help Epson’s authorized BusinessFirst resellers expand their business relationships and grow their revenue by selling higher value products with ease.

Cornerstone is available in the United States. through Synnex. For more information and availability,  visit

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