OKI Warns Buyers to Beware of Unauthorized OKI “Clone” Printers (Update)

OKI Data Americas today issued a warning that several companies in the United States and Canada are altering OKI Data Office Printers and may be misleading consumers to believe these clone printers are OKI Data Digital Transfer products. To the contrary, the firm notes, these clone printers are not covered by OKI Data’s warranties, not eligible for OKI Data service and will not receive firmware or driver updates from OKI Data. (Editor’s Note: Uninet has responded to OKI’s allegations; for Uninet’s response, see below.)

Specifically, OKI Data is aware of the following printers that are unauthorized alterations of OKI Data printers.

Company Model Company Model
Uninet Icolor 500 Uprint USA UP450WT/UP850WT
Uninet Icolor 600 Sun Angel 33TW
Uprint UP450WT Sun Angel 63TW
Uprint UP850WT Sun Angel 83TW

OKI Data will not supply on-site service, consumables, supplies, spare parts or technical support for these printers. Nor will OKI Data supply the companies that modify these printers with any of the above. OKI Data Americas will not be responsible for these printers or any performance or safety issues that may arise from using one.

According to OKI, many of these companies are using the OKI model C711 and C831 office printers as a base for their products. However, these clone devices have not been properly modified by OKI to utilize “White” toner, nor have they been optimized for the digital=transfer process.

Moreover, the white toner being supplied with these clone printers is not covered by OKI Data’s Material Safety Data Sheets and the potential hazards caused by the chemical toner to health, fire, reactivity and the environment.

Since these companies are not OKI partners, and have no business relationship with OKI, their buyers don’t have access to OKI firmware upgrades and/or drivers, which may potentially shorten the expected life of their purchase.

All printers manufactured by OKI Data are covered with a national on-site warranty. Also, an OKI Data printer has a Model Number identification plate which identifies OKI Data Corporation as the manufacturer, as well as certifications assuring compliance with Safety and Government Agencies.

As all of the clone printers identified above have been modified without authorization from OKI Data, none of the agency certifications obtained by OKI Data, such as the FCC certification and the Underwriters Laboratory certification apply to the clone printers.

Consumers who elect to purchase and operate the clone products should be aware of the potential consequences of using a product that hans’t been certified for U.S. safety standards.

Additional ways to confirm a clone printer include: Agency/Safety rating label missing, large openings without covers or panels where duplexers/fusers were installed, as well as Operator panel improperly marked.

Consumers who are unsure if they have purchased a clone or are about to purchase one can verify by contacting Oki Data Americas, Inc. at procolor@okidata.com or by calling 972-891-3304.

Uninet Response

Uninet Response issued the following response:

“UniNet is aware of the recent communication from Oki entitled “Consumer Warning”. UniNet values the Intellectual Property rights of its own inventors and of other companies. While we previously had utilized Oki-based engines in two versions of our transfer printers, it should be noted that the iColor 500 has since been replaced by the newer iColor 550 which is NOT based on Oki technology. This new model is capable of faster speeds and higher quality as compared to the C711 series, which is now 8 year old technology.

UniNet printers are improved versions of the original base engine, not clones. They are sold with our branding clearly on the machine, packaging, manuals, software, and supplies. We are in no way misleading customers into believing our products are anything other than our printers, and covered by our own warranty and support infrastructure.

UniNet alone is responsible for the warranty and support of our products. In fact, UniNet provides a far more extensive and comprehensive warranty through our own offices around the world and our vast dealer network which has been thoroughly trained to provide world class service and support. Our customers have the ability to interact with us via free phone support or through our online portal where they can find detailed instructions, helpful support videos, and live support via remote PC control.

UniNet is not engaged in any legal dispute with Oki. Rest assured our products are IP safe as we have been granted 6 US patents on our exclusive conversion process and have many other patents pending in the US and Europe that allow us to make our advanced printers with their unique “5 in 1” technology, replacing the need to have several printers (white overprinting/white underprinting/fluorescent color printing/sublimation printing/CMYK printing). UniNet has been granted several international certifications including the important CE certification needed for exporting to Europe.

Contrary to what has been communicated, UniNet printers do indeed receive firmware and driver updates, and our white toner is certified safe, and thus has a full Material and Safety Data sheet available. UniNet has been in the toner manufacturing business for nearly 30 years. With 15 global sales and distribution centers, our toner products are inside millions of printers around the globe.

UniNet has shipped thousands of our innovative white toner printers worldwide in the past 5 years and has some exciting new releases planned for 2019. We look forward to continuing to serve our existing customers and continue to make many new ones in the coming years.

For any additional information, or if you are ready to upgrade to the most advanced white toner printers available, please contact us at 631-590-1040, email us at sales@icolorprint.com, or find us on the web at www.icolorprint.com.”

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