New Kyocera Solutions for More Efficient, Secure Document Transfer

KYOCERA Document Solutions America today announced three new document-management business applications designed to streamline workflows for document-intensive industries.

The three new solutions consist of: KYOCERA RightFax Embedded, KYOCERA AccuSender Powered by SendSecure, and KYOCERA XMediusFAX Connector, which the firm says enable direct, seamless communication between these popular fax applications and Kyocera copier/MFPs.

KYOCERA RightFax Embedded

This business application addresses companies’ increasing need to maximize document security and compliance, without unduly burdening employees. KYOCERA RightFax Embedded consolidates all fax services on a single, secure network. It leverages the built-in security features of the Open Text RightFax 16 EP4 server, as well as those of the customer’s Kyocera MFPs.

According to Rosann LeRose, Solutions Marketing Manager for KYOCERA Document Solutions America, “We wanted to offer a business application that made faxing secure, but we didn’t want to make it more complicated.”

Many of the RightFax Embedded features can be activated directly from the Kyocera MFP’s touchscreen interface: faxing to multiple destinations, accessing phone books, inserting billing codes, even selecting a user-specific cover page. The single-sign-on, card authentication, audit trail, and lack of middleware all help streamline the entire fax process.

KYOCERA AccuSender Powered by SendSecure – Securely Send and Share Documents

Kyocera notes that, today, data and document security are not only important to companies, it’s mandated by regulatory bodies. When using Kyocera’s connector (AccuSender Powered by SendSecure) confidential information is exchanged by way of an XMedius SendSecure account with “SafeBox”. This allows encryption of shared files as they are moved, both into and out of the XMedius Platform which is certified compliant with HIPPA, SOX, and FERPA. According to LeRose, “it’s what makes this a great choice for our medical, legal and government clientele.”

KYOCERA XMediusFAX Connector – Cutting Out the Middleware

Users can access existing XMediusFAX software directly from the touchscreen of a HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP. Through integration with on-site or cloud-based XMedius select fax servers, the application allows users to send faxes to individuals, groups, even new contacts right from their device, with no middleware needed.

“The number of faxed documents grows every year, especially in healthcare, manufacturing, and finance, but the delivery method has evolved,” commented Douglas Cole, Director, Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing Division for KYOCERA Document Solutions America. “We created an app with direct connectivity and single sign-on to speed up the entire process.”

The firm notes that security remains one of the key advantages of faxing. Through the use of the application’s card authentication, full audit trail, and fax archiving, information is tracked and secured as it is transmitted. Plus, when sending a fax, the application can display the sender’s name, an added security feature.

KYOCERA XMediusFAX Connector, KYOCERA RightFax Embedded, and KYOCERA AccuSender Powered by SendSecure are available through authorized Kyocera dealers at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $699.00, $277.00, and $442.00, respectively.

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