Xerox Announces Job Cuts at U.S. and Canadian Locations

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported that Xerox officials confirmed yesterday that the positions of some Xerox employees in Webster, New York, other parts of the United States, and in Canada will be eliminated.

Xerox representatives didn’t share the number of job cuts, but the positions eliminated included those in Xerox’s internal IT operations, including IT software engineers, systems engineers, program managers, and associated support, as well as finance managers.

“Every decision is a difficult one and we understand the impact on individuals,” said Xerox spokesperson Bill McKee in an emailed statement.

The cuts are part of Xerox’s initiative to optimize its operations globally, he said. A Xerox statement stated the job cuts are part of the company’s restructuring activities and its initiative to optimizing its operations globally.

The layoffs in New York State were below threshold levels required by the state labor department that require the number of job cuts be reported.

The company also stated that “Every decision is a difficult one and we understand the impact on individuals.”

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