Konica Minolta Breaks Ground on Campus Expansion in New Jersey

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. today hosted government officials, representatives from industry-trade associations, Chamber of Commerce members, and the media in a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the expansion of the company’s headquarters in Ramsey, New Jersey. The company says the expansion marks the company’s continuing growth in the imaging sector, and also affirms Konica Minolta’s commitment to the New Jersey economy in bringing new jobs to the area.

The project will encompass new building construction, as well as the conversion and re-purposing of existing facilities on the campus.

Rick Taylor, president and CEO of Konica Minolta, accompanied by several senior executives, presided over the ceremony – the first large-scale addition to the campus infrastructure in several years. Taylor commented: “Konica Minolta, has reached a special milestone, fueled by our continued growth in the imaging sector. We believe our investment in the Ramsey campus will not only bring new jobs to New Jersey, but it will serve a key role in supporting our business expansion to help add value to our customers.”

Specifically, the expansion is expected to make way for:

  • The construction of a two-story annex to Building 101 at the Williams Drive campus that will accommodate up to an additional 400 employees
  • The conversion of an existing building for:
    • A new National Customer Engagement Center
    • An East Coast Technical Training facility
    •  A consolidated warehouse for all East Coast operations
  • A Technical Call Center for field technicians to connect directly with key operational experts
  • An Engineering Center
  • A Research and Development Facility
  • A new, four-tier parking garage with capacity for 350 vehicles

Deirdre Dillon, Ramsey Borough Mayor, stated, “Konica Minolta has been a great neighborhood fixture for many years, providing jobs to many of our residents and those from nearby towns.” Dillon added “The company has also been very generous in supporting special community projects by contributing employee volunteers, which has benefited many businesses and residents in the local community.”

In addition to an overview of the project provided by Rick, the ground-breaking featured a traditional first-dig of soil, as conducted by company executives and invited guests, all equipped with special ceremonial shovels and Konica Minolta hardhats.

Construction and related activities will be conducted in stages, with an anticipated final completion next summer.

Konica Minolta received $29 million in “Grow New Jersey” tax credits for the expansion. After it’s completed upgrading the new facility, Konica plans to add 400 new jobs at the campus, as well as relocate its administrative and distribution operations from Windsor, Connecticut.

Konica Minolta Business established its location in Ramsey, New Jersey, in the early 1970s.

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