Lexmark Opens up Free Apps to More Customers

Lexmark International reported today that it’s made its Lexmark Virtual Solution Center (VSC) open to more customers. Lexmark introduced VSC 10 years ago to enable Lexmark channel partners to deploy Lexmark solutions, update firmware, and configure the icons shown on the touchscreen of compatible Lexmark printers and copier/MFPs. Now, Lexmark has expanded VSC to make Lexmark solutions available to a broader customer base.

In the past, customers who purchased their printers from online retailers were not able to fully utilize the capabilities of their Lexmark printers. Lexmark has now launched a public version of VSC, making it available to anyone with a compatible Lexmark printer or MFP, so that they can now easily download apps, update firmware, and arrange touchscreen icons.

“Open channel users are an important audience for Lexmark,” commented Jason Wolf, solution marketing manager at Lexmark. “Opening the VSC to a broader audience allows these customers to benefit from the solutions capabilities of their MFP or printer.”

Customers can access the public VSC deployment page from Lexmark.com. The service is free and enables them to download firmware updates and free apps such as Card Copy, Eco Copy, and Google Drive.

This new functionality will allow customers to with solutions such as :

  • Display Customization: Use custom images for slide shows, screen savers, or wallpapers that will be displayed on the MFP’s touchscreen.
  • Forms and Favorites: Save paper by storing frequently used forms and documents and then only printing them when needed, instead of having to store hardcopy versions.
  • Card Copy: Copy both sides of ID cards on a single sheet of paper and save it to the network drive.
  • Cloud Connector: Print or scan documents with the Lexmark MFP from and into user accounts at Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

Lexmark Cloud Connector for printing and/or scanning documents into and from accounts at cloud-based document-sharing and storing repositories, such as Google Drive.

Learn more about the Lexmark’s Virtual Solution Center, including available apps, here.

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