Ricoh to Build Production Facility in China

Conceptual rendering of Ricoh China Manufacturing building.

Ricoh Company of Tokyo, Japan, announced today that it’s establishing a new manufacturing organization, Ricoh Manufacturing (China) Ltd. The new company will manufacture office equipment at a new state-of-the-art production facility in Dongguan Guangdong, China, and is part of Ricoh’s efforts to strengthen its global production capability.

The new factory will be the central production site for Ricoh’s office printers and copier/MFPs. It will also use advanced analytics of sales and production data, and will feature cutting-edge robots and factory automation, which Ricoh says will also facilitate production of customized products that is today carried out regionally. By unifying production data and data from the office machines operating at Ricoh’s customers’ locations, Ricoh says it’ll also be able to further enhance device quality.

It also says that the new factory will be the most advanced factory within the Ricoh Group in terms of environmental performance, and will contribute to achieving a de-carbonized society through the installation of solar-energy systems, displacement-ventilation systems, natural lighting, and natural ventilation.

Ricoh announced its growth strategy “Ignite” in February 2018, and is pursuing three growth strategies: “Evolve MFPs, enhance our operations and secure our customer base; expand our customer base by pursuing possibilities of printing technologies; and add Ricoh-oriented value to our customer base, and connect offices and front lines.

The new company will establish this flagship factory as part of its first growth strategy.

Overview of the New Company

Company Name: Ricoh Manufacturing (China) Ltd.
Location: Dongguan Guangdong, China
Estimated Completion Date: August 2019
Investment: Approximately 7.5 billion yen
Business Domain: Production of office printing machines
Ground Area: ca. 90,000m² (Building Area ca. 80,000m²)

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