New Océ Software Makes it Easy to Print Two-Dimensional Wood-Grain Texture, Embossing, Braille


Canon U.S.A. today introduced its new Océ Touchstone dimensional printing software, which is designed to enable large-format print providers to streamline dimensional printing on Canon’s Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers, so that print providers can easily print texture effects up to 1mm in height using color and/or varnish UV curable inks

Until now, Canon says that creating these dimensional prints tended to be a laborious process, involving significant file manipulation and iterative testing performed by the print provider. As a result, few end users are aware that this is even possible, let alone request this type of printing. To simplify this labor-intensive workflow, Canon has designed solutions for the two parties involved in the process: the designer who creates the files, and the print provider that prints them.


Relief print produced with the Océ Touchstone solution and Arizona flatbed printer.

Océ Touchstone Canon uv relief print

Applications for Touchstone’s embossing and relief printing include packaging, art, decoration, tiling, etc.

Using Océ Arizona UV curable flatbed printers’ accurate ink-drop placement and repetition, print providers have been able to print multiple layers of ink and produce dimensional effects ranging from common textures such as wood-grain, to special effects such as varnish highlights, embossed type and logos, and braille.

Through Canon-created Adobe CC Photoshop and Illustrator extensions, Canon says graphic designers can build the dimensional effects quickly and easily, preview and refine these effects on screen, and then export the file as a single PDF file that can be sent to an Océ Touchstone-enabled print provider for final print production.

To help streamline the process on the print production side, Canon worked with graphics RIP provider ONYX, a Canon company, to marry the patented Océ ALPS (Advanced Layer Printing System) technology with a special ONYX Thrive print driver so that the RIP could now interpret the height map contained within the PDF, convert that data into separate print layers and send it to the Océ Arizona printer as a single batch file containing all of the layers in the correct print sequence. This is said to provide the print provider with a familiar print workflow in which they can print the entire job essentially with one push of the print button. Carriage height adjustment is automated and the multiple layers can be left to print unattended, thus enabling print providers to print after business hours.

The commercially licensed Océ Touchstone software is offered exclusively by Canon Solutions America and is available now. The software requires ONYX Thrive 12.2 or a newer edition and an Océ Arizona 1260, 1280, or 2200 series printer to use. The Adobe CC Océ Extensions are available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS operating systems. For more information, visit Canon here.


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