Xerox Reports Channel Partners Winning More MPS Deals

Xerox AltaLink touchscreen.

Xerox reports that two recent signings provide further evidence that its channel partners are finding growth opportunities with Xerox’s Managed Print Services (MPS).

Multi-brand print dealer Alberta Printer Service won a four-year, $450,000 contract with an agriculture and construction equipment consolidator in western Canada. Longtime Xerox agent Professional Business Products (PBP) also signed a four-year, $1.5 million contract renewal with the largest hospital in southern West Virginia.

Pete Peterson, president of Xerox Channels, commented: “Our channel partners are looking for new ways to differentiate and grow. Many are succeeding the same way Alberta Printer Service and PBP are—by delivering added value with our leadership MPS, our ConnectKey technology and production devices.”

Alberta Printer Service

According to Xerox, Alberta Printer Service in Canada “was the right partner to move Rocky Mountain Equipment into an MPS environment.” Rocky Mountain Equipment is the second largest independent dealer of Case Construction Equipment in the world, and will be using Xerox ConnectKey-enabled workplace-assistant copier/MFP and printers  that include 161 Xerox VersaLinks copier/MFPs  and printers serviced by the dealer, and 11 Xerox AltaLinks MFPs and/or printers managed via the Xerox Partner Print Services program.

Louise Singer, managing partner of Alberta Printer Service, said: “Xerox is our go-to partner for critical installation because of their reliability and uptime. We do the least number of service calls on Xerox machines, and that keeps our costs down.” She also noted that Xerox Partner Print Services offers oversight to their clients across Canada. “Our MPS partnership with Xerox is a big growth area for our company.”

Rocky Mountain Equipment will improve its print facility’s operations with Xerox CentreWare Web, a software tool that installs, configures, monitors and reports on networked printers and MFPs multifunction devices in the enterprise, regardless of manufacturer.

Professional Business Products (PBP)

PBP, in renewing its MPS contract at Raleigh General Hospital, added 85 Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink print devices, each with a Secure Print feature to help protect patient privacy.

PBP also oversees the hospital’s central print shop, where a Xerox Versant 180 Press and Xerox Nuvera 100 EA Production System are said to keep more production-print jobs in-house. The staff has also improved the printing of frequently-used hospital forms by putting them online allowing for on-demand printing , saving money and time.

Rick Shutt, senior account executive and MPS specialist for Professional Business Products, commented: “MPS brings order to Raleigh’s print operation which is further supported by Xerox’s onsite associates. They check every machine every morning and look at every single print order to find ways to cut costs. Our client notices their attention to detail and that’s good for business.”

Bishop Business Equipment

Last week, Xerox also reported that Bishop Business Equipment, using Xerox’s MPS offering, is now experiencing double-digit MPS growth rates.

With offices in Omaha and Lincoln in Nebraska, Bishop’s early MPS success was modest, with contracts based upon cost per page or covering toner as well as print devices. However, Xerox says two developments helped its MPS success. One was hiring an MPS specialist to give the program more focus and the other was working with Xerox Partner Print Services, expanding Bishop’s MPS reach.

According to Dave Bishop, president and CEO of Bishop Business Equipment, “While service level agreements are critical, the priority for businesses is overall control of the enterprise. And that’s what we can provide with Xerox.

“By leveraging Xerox’s tools, their global experience, and the top ratings received from industry-analyst firms, it is obvious this is the company you want as an MPS partner,” Bishop said. “Whatever the situation, we can make it work by pulling the resources we need from Xerox.”

The value of the Xerox partnership was realized in a recent MPS deal Bishop signed with an international Fortune 1000 company based in its territory. The client, which Bishop had tried to reach for more than 10 years, was working with another vendor when new management sought a standard operating model worldwide – typically available only from manufacturers. However, when Bishop told management about his Xerox partnership, he said, “It was an instant door opener.”

“Channel partners offering MPS are at a distinct advantage in terms of winning new business and retaining existing clients,” said Darren Cassidy, president of Xerox U.S. Channels Unit. “MPS up-levels the conversation allowing partners to demonstrate their relevancy as a strategic, forward-thinking resource.”

To win the business, the Bishop-Xerox team analyzed 15 of the customer’s primary sites using the Xerox CompleteView Pro MPS tool. The client is said to have so impressed with the detail and planned approach, that incumbents did not receive a bid invitation.

Now the team delivers what Bishop calls a “triple whammy”: local support from the dealership, national and global reach from Xerox, and “the best MPS software support and practices in the industry.” The deal is said to provide the customer with considerable savings, but more importantly, Bishop said, “If they want to make a worldwide decision on how to manage print in the future, they’ll have tools to do it.”

The win is having an impact at the dealership, as well. “This is a breakthrough account in terms of size and scope,” Bishop said. “The beauty of the model is that it becomes a repeatable best practice for us to win more of these accounts moving forward.”

For more information about Xerox’s Channel Partner Program and MPS offerings, visit Xerox here.

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