Small Uptick in Copier Service Tech Salaries

Copier Careers has published its 2018 Service Technician Salary Survey results, with the survey reflecting the responses of 4,740 copier-channel technical service professionals across the United States. Copier Careers uses these annual surveys to provide a year-by-year snapshot of how well industry professionals are compensated, how satisfied they are in their careers and how closely their needs are aligning with the needs of their employers.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • This year, copier techs reported that their average salary and bonuses increased to $47,405 and $6,305 respectively in the past year —an increase of 2.6 percent.
  • Despite increased salary and bonuses, 72 percent of respondents said they are “actively” or “somewhat” looking for a new job. Techs on the job hunt cite “opportunities too good to pass up” in this “red-hot market.”
  • These techs are not only looking for improved compensation and benefits but also companies that prioritize working in a supportive team setting, education/training opportunities, and working with leading-edge technology.
  • Copier-channel employers are said to need to up their game when it comes to attracting candidates – 79 percent of survey respondents said their company is “poor” or “totally unsatisfactory” at attracting talent. While 57 percent gave their company a positive rating in retaining existing staff, the high demand from top techs may lure even the most loyal away.
  • Overall, service technicians in 2018 want their pay to reflect market demand and how they have adopted their problem-solving skills and trouble-shooting work in the age of IT solutions. Employers need to address these factors to help their company attract qualified candidates or risk losing out to dedicated IT providers.

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