Lexmark Printers, Copier/MFPs Achieve Hardcopy Common Criteria Certification

Lexmark International today reported that it’s achieved certification for the latest Common Criteria Security Protection Profile, Hardcopy Devices v1.0 (HCD-PP v1.0), for its printers and copier/MFPs. The Protection Profile for HCD-PPv1.0 is based on security requirements specified by the U.S. and Japanese governments for printers, and is designed to assure device, document, and network security.

Common Criteria provides a framework to validate the security functionality of a system by performing a set of rigorous and repeatable tests. The framework is said to provide participating countries assurance that tested products meet internationally accepted security functional criteria. The compliance of Lexmark devices with the standards is validated by an internationally approved independent laboratory using the latest policy guidance.

An evaluation that finds a product in compliance with the Common Criteria requirements is accepted as valid by all bodies that have signed the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement (CCRA). Signatories include the U.S. National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). Membership in the CCRA can, in practice, result in common procurement requirements among participating governments.

 Allen Waugerman, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Lexmark, commented: “Building a secure bridge between digital and hardcopy information is at the core of what we do at Lexmark. This latest Common Criteria certification further recognizes the effectiveness of Lexmark’s full-spectrum security approach, validating that our customers across the globe can rely on Lexmark to meet the world’s most stringent security standards.”

For more on Lexmark’s Common Criteria certifications, visit the firm here.

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