HP Launches Piazza Print-to-Order Book-Publishing Service

At the London Book Fair today, HP Inc. introduced HP Piazza, a set of cloud-based services that provide print-to-order, print-on-demand book publishing, enabling publishers to print books on-demand, without having to warehouse them, making book publishing and distribution more time- and cost-efficient.

In a nutshell, publishers receive a book order and then print it – instead of having to warehouse printed books and then sell them. Book publishers can build a virtual digital warehouse for the management, automation, distribution, print, and direct fulfillment of book orders, while holding zero book inventory. Digital content can also be easily updated, and then printed, unlike with printed books.

The Piazza platform enables publishers to hold no published-book inventory, and instead publish short or long books runs when needed. Designed to connect via PrintOS SiteFlow, HP says this end-to-end workflow enables accurate, transparent SLA management, quick time to market, and reduced waste. The platform is designed for use with HP PageWide Web Presses and HP Indigo Presses.​

“HP Piazza has enabled us to change the conversation and to offer solutions that have a direct impact on the publisher’s bottom line, improving their profitability and efficiency,” commented Rob Hutcheson, managing director of Ashford Colour Press, “Piazza is a game-changer for Ashford in that we can expand our focus on supply-chain initiatives and now offer true print-to-order, and book-of-one manufacturing. For the publishers, this means titles are always available, ‘never out of print’ and for us, exciting new opportunities to further strengthen our client relationships. Today, we are receiving hundreds of direct orders for titles stored in the Piazza repository, producing thousands of books – all printed to fulfill orders that the publisher has received, rather than to meet forecast sales.”

 Enrique Lores, president of HP Printing & Imaging, commented: “In recent years, while we have seen a resurgence of the love people have for physical books, we are very aware of the continued financial pressure for publishers regarding inventory and shipping costs. “With Piazza, publishers and printers can support the renewed interest in print and turn the page to a smarter future, moving from a print-to-sell model to a sold-to-print one.”

How Piazza Works:

More information on HP Piazza is available here, and more information about HP digital printing is available here.

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