HP Adds Independent Dealer ImageNet Consulting for HP A3 Copier/MFPs

HP A3 copier/MFP with print, copy, and scan on up to 11″ x 17″ media.

HP Inc. reported today that it’s partnering with ImageNet Consulting to drive growth for HP A3 copier/MFPs with HP Smart Device Services (SDS) remote management, which HP says lower service costs more than 15 percent. ImageNet Consulting is an independent dealer and provides managed print and IT services, as well as printers, scanners, copier/MFPs, wide-format printers, and 3D printers, marketing imaging devices from HP, Canon, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, and Toshiba,

Combined with HP’s PageWide inkjet-printing architecture, HP says ImageNet’s parts and labor burden is up to 10-times less than with a traditional laser printers and MFPs.

ImageNet is also expanding its collaboration with HP to include Device-as-a-Service.

“ImageNet is one of the most innovative and dedicated dealers in the industry, and we are thrilled that they have seen such tremendous results growing our joint MPS business across both A3 and A4,” commented Grad Rosenbaum, vice president and general manager of HP Inc.’s Americas Solutions Business.

With HP’s PageWide A3 technology, ImageNet says it’s lowered its parts and labor costs dramatically because of the inherent simplicity – and fewer moving parts – of the PageWide inkjet print-engine design.

Longer Device Uptime via HP Smart Device Services

HP also says its Smart Device Services (SDS) helps ImageNet lower service costs, more easily diagnose problems, and provide proactive service with “big data” and predictive analytics that ensure more device uptime.

One part of HP’s strategy as it seeks to penetrate the copier/MFPs market has been to focus on what has been traditionally been the Achilles’ Heel of printers and copier/MFPs – machine break-downs and downtime, typically cited as one of the top challenges for vendors, as copier/MFPs have numerous parts that require service and must be fixed or replaced.

One way it’s seeking to do this is with SDS, which HP introduced in 2016. SDS is a set of cloud-based tools and device-based sensing capabilities which, through sensor intelligence, monitor and diagnose service issues, enabling service techs to predict beforehand when a device will go down, and provide service before it goes down. This minimizes machine downtime, and reduces service costs. In a nutshell, SDS, which is provided with an MPS contract, can anticipate required parts servicing before the part fails.

HP’s A3 PageWide MFPs are also inkjet-based, and, versus laser-based printing, incorporate fewer moving parts that must be periodically replaced, so that uptime and reliability is better versus laser.

A key benchmark in HP partner ImageNet’s MPS program is said to be first-call effectiveness. First-call effectiveness refers to a technician’s ability to resolve a customer’s problem without return visits. SDS is said to make that easier with self-help tools such as wizards and Web-based information access, enabling ImageNet to take a proactive approach to service, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

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