New Inks for Ricoh Pro VC60000 Enable Printing on Coated Media

RICOH Pro VC60000

Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced enhancements to its continuous-feed production-printing portfolio, including a new set of inks for its RICOH Pro VC60000 platform. Ricoh says the new ink set will greatly expand the variety of media that can be used with the Pro VC60000.

Ricoh also announced that its Pro VC40000 is now available.

The firm says the new additions reflect Ricoh’s commitment to building “a robust and comprehensive “inkjet production-printing portfolio.

The new RICOH Pro VC60000 inks are designed to streamline printing directly on traditional offset coated papers, making the entire production system more versatile and economical, as well as less complicated. Ricoh also says that the inks’ improved adhesion allows for faster printing speeds with coated papers. The technology is said to leverage the latest in pigment ink innovations for output durability, and water fastness, as well as print-head reliability.

The new ink sets:

  • Are designed for printing directly on traditional offset coated substrates, without primers. As a result, Ricoh says the production-printing system is more flexible and economical, while at the same time being less complicated.
  • An improved colour gamut will increase the different types of applications that can be supported, due to the new inks enabling customers to print more vivid colors and richer black output.
  • With the new inks, the Pro VC60000’s print speed on coated substrates will increase, supporting  higher production print volumes (including offset-to-digital page migration), and decreasing time to market for applications and promotions.

The Pro VC40000 is designed for transactional and direct-mail  printing customers.  The Pro VC40000 features the RICOH TotalFlow Print Server R600A, a high performance digital front end (DFE) that Ricoh says has been optimized to deliver advanced print-job workflow management and to make the production of complex, data-driven direct mail and transactional output easier.

ThePro VC40000 operates at speeds of up to 120 meters/minute, making it capable of producing more than 100,000 letter images per hour. With paper support from 40 to 250 gsm, application possibilities range from printing lightweight books, to printing high-coverage postcards.

The Pro VC40000 features separate black and color print-head arrays, which is said to enable cost-effective printing of color and monochrome applications. An optional fifth print-head array enables the use of additional fluid choices, such as MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) and other security inks.

Ricoh says the Pro VC40000 supports a variety of configuration options, including compatibility with a number of different workflow monitoring and management software tools.

For more information on Ricoh’s full line of production print products, services, and solutions, visit Ricoh here.

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