Ricoh USA Expands Industrial-Printer Portfolio with EFI Pro 24f LED Flatbed Printer

Ricoh USA today announced that it’s expanding its industrial-printer portfolio with the addition of partner Electronics for Imaging’s Pro 24f LED flatbed printer. The Electronics for Imaging (EFI) Pro 24f is designed for printing high-value applications, such as lenticulars, photographic backlit displays, and irregularly shaped or heavy objects, and joins the EFI H1625/Pro 16h currently in Ricoh’s portfolio.

The newly added EFI Pro 24f  prints at up to 1,157 square feet per hour at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution and at a low curing temperatures that’s said to enable substrate diversity for higher-margin work.

It uses variable drop grayscale print-head technology and four colors, plus dual channels of white, all said to produce precise, high-quality applications on a wide variety of substrates, thin or thick, large or small. A multi-zoned vacuum table holds media of different sizes to the 32-square-foot bed, helping to ensure tight image registration. Ricoh says its moving gantry can accommodate substrates up to 2″ thick, while low-temperature LED curing supports thin substrates that may otherwise melt or distort under typical, high-heat curing processes.

Ricoh also says the EFI Pro 24f printer’s “cool cure” LED technology can also help customers broaden revenue streams, putting less stress on low-cost, low-melting-point, and added-value, high-margin media. It also says that these low temperatures also help improve system uptime and productivity, as the printer can be powered on or off virtually instantly while consuming less energy than competitive products. This low energy consumption, combined with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and less waste and consumables, is also said to help make the EFI Pro 24f  “an excellent option for environmentally conscious print operations.”

The EFI Pro 24f is bundled with an EFI Fiery proServer Core digital front end. The digital front end features RIP (raster image process) and print-on-demand functionality, as well as the ability to print pre-ripped files quickly and easily. Also included is FAST RIP acceleration technology, which is said to process PDF files up to seven-times faster than typical RIP solutions.

Other features include:

  • True 4 ft x 8 ft (1.2 m x 2.4 m) flatbed architecture with moving carriage and gantry, and a vacuum system to hold media stationary on a flat surface, ensuring accurate registration for multiple over-prints or panels.
  • Four colors plus dual channels of white standard, and single-pass, multi-layer printing.
  • Easy edge-to-edge printing (full bleed), reducing finishing time.
  • Multi-board, including different size boards, printing simultaneously.

John Fulena, vice president of Ricoh USA’s Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group, commented: “The EFI Pro 24f fits perfectly with our Commercial & Industrial Printing Group’s mission to serve customers in better and broader ways. It is incredibly flexible, able to handle media as thick as a 2-inch block of wood or as thin as a window cling. That flexibility is something our customers are seeking and we promised we’d deliver. As this space continues to grow and change, Ricoh will continue to invest in and innovate ways to help customers adapt and succeed.”

For more information on the PRO 24f, visit EFI here.

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