Katun: Supplies Not Affected by Canon Lawsuits; New Remanufactured HP Printers for Europe

U.S.-based Katun Corporation, which makes third-party clone toner cartridges, recently reassured customers that it isn’t a target of the massive patent-infringement lawsuits that Canon Inc. of Tokyo, Japan, filed in the United States and with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) against various clone toner-cartridge manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and dealers last month. Katun also announced that it’s introducing its remanufactured HP laser printers to Europe (see below).

In a statement, Katun noted that Canon’s lawsuits allege that the accused toner supplies infringe on nine of Canon’s newly issued patents. Canon also filed a concurrent action with the ITC against 49 defendants, in which it will seek an exclusion order prohibiting the accused new-build products from being imported and subsequently sold in the United States.

Katun noted that neither it nor GPI  (General Plastic Industrial) are  named in the lawsuit (GPI, which is based in Taiwan, acquired Katun last year). It stated that its “portfolio of high-quality remanufactured toners for use in HP applications is not affected by this action; Katun products for use in HP applications are immediately available to meet the needs of our customers.”

The firm also stated: “Katun adheres to a philosophy of respecting all OEM intellectual property rights while offering dealers and distributors IP-compliant, high-quality products for use in OEM imaging equipment. The company will continue to make significant investments in support of the company’s robust processes for ensuring IP compliance, protecting Katun and its customers from OEM litigation.”

Earlier this month, third-party supplies maker Clover Imaging Group also released a statement noting that its third-party toner cartridges “are not implicated in this latest round of OEM patent-enforcement against new-build compatible cartridges.”

Remanufactured HP Printers for Europe

The Recycler also reported last week that Katun is introducing its remanufactured HP laser printers to Europe.

Katun says the remanufactured printers are “a reliable, lower-cost alternative to buying a new printer.” They feature new pickup/feed rollers, transfer rollers, and transfer belts, as well as a rebuilt fuser unit, updated firmware, and a zero-reset page count.” The firm says that all parts have been cleaned, inspected, and tested. The remanufactured printers can be bundled with Katun’s third-party toner supplies,  managed print services (MPS), and/or with Katun Dealer Fleet Management.”

The introduction of Katun remanufactured HP laser printers comes about a year after Katun introduced remanufactured HP laser printers to the United States.

Katun says that the remanufactured printers offer “significant cost savings vs. purchasing new printers,” that they feature a one-year warranty, a one-duty cycle warranty on supplies, and can be shipped directly to dealers or to their customer’s location. It also says it plans introducing more remanufactured printers in the future.

The firm says that Katun-Certified remanufactured HP printers – which number 28 in total – can be connected to networks and MPS program software programs right “out-of-the-box.” The printers, which are lower-priced than newer counterparts, are said to be the result of a “thorough remanufacturing process that achieves Katun’s high-performance standards.” This process includes cleaning, inspection, and replacement of key components including feed rollers, transfer rollers, and transfer belts.

Katun says that one of the benefits of using remanufactured printers (instead of new printers) as replacement units in MPS accounts is the immediate availability of aftermarket supplies and “resulting cost savings,” cost savings that it says aren’t available to dealers who purchase new printers, and must therefore use presumably higher-priced OEM supplies. It says dealers can maximize their savings by purchasing Katun OEM-alternative toner cartridges along with these remanufactured printers.

To see a complete catalogue of HP remanufactured printers, visit Katun here, and for more information on Katun remanufactured HP printers, visit the firm here.

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