Canon imagePROGRAF TX Series Now Compatible with ONYX, Sepialine Software for Streamlining Large-Format Print Workflows

Canon imagePROGRAF TX 4000

Canon U.S.A. reports that it’s continuing to collaborate with third-party companies in order to help its customers improve their printing process, announcing that its newest imagePROGRAF large-format printers, the TX Series, are now compatible with Onyx Graphics, Inc.’s ONYX 12.2 software, a wide-format print workflow and RIP (raster image processor) software solution for commercial and specialty printers. With the software, Canon says users of its imagePROGRAF TX Series devices will notice key upgrades in the areas of color management, workflow automation, media handling, and data-transfer speeds. Canon also announced that the imagePROGRAF TX Series is now also compatible with Sepialine software (see below).

Toyotsugu Kuwamura, executive vice president and general manager of Canon U.S.A.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group, commented: “A key component of Canon’s successful business model is its willingness to work hand-in-hand with third parties to help customers address challenges in their business. By giving our customers the opportunity to incorporate the efficiency of Onyx software with the powerful quality of the imagePROGRAF TX Series, Canon has provided customers with the versatility they desire in a solution to help meet their goals and help improve their printing operation.”

New features provided by the ONYX software include:

  • Faster RIP and data-transfer speeds with optimized color calculations across all applications.
  • A multi-roll user interface includes an interactive workflow that can display a live view of loaded media with automated roll selection between jobs in the RIP-queue.
  • Enhanced media and page-size handling to streamline printer configurations and job setup.
  • A user-interface showing device-specific information based on bi-directional data flow, including easily visible ink levels, printer status, and media information.
  • Streamlined print workflows with job scaling and rotation options available directly from the file-open dialogue before sending jobs to the RIP-queue, helping minimize time in production.

Positioned as the “next standard of engineering” by Canon, the imagePROGRAF TX Series is designed for applications in architecture, engineering, construction, as well as general business-use applications and in-house signage printing. With the newly developed five-color Canon LUCIA TD pigment ink set, Canon says the TX series provide added durability and water resistance, with the option to print on both inkjet and non-inkjet paper, to enable a wide range of signage-printing applications in addition to technical document printing.

For media handling, the TX series features automatic media loading and a second paper-roll option with a multi-function roll unit that can be used as a bi-directional take-up unit for added convenience. With the new Canon Water Resistant Matte Polypropylene media, the firm says the TX series enables customers to produce print output with up to six months of outdoor use with no lamination required.

The TX Series also features a new ink-jet print head, high-precision mechanical platform for fast printing, and is available as an integrated MFP solution that includes a new 36-inch scanner that can scan-to-copy in color at up to six-inches-per-second with high-resolution scanning to better capture the color and details of large-format documents.

The new compatibility with imagePROGRAF TX Series is available for the full ONYX software product line, including ONYX Thrive workflow software, ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop, and ONYX RIPCenter RIP software.

Onyx Graphics is a platinum member of the Canon Alliance Partner Program (CAPP) for imagePROGRAF Large-Format Solutions, an alliance network that Canon says enables it to work closely with third-party software companies to provide innovative software solutions to imagePROGRAF customers. Through CAPP, Canon says it’s able to more easily work with industry partners to make its printing devices more flexible so that users can tailor their solution to better meet their needs.

ONYX Color is Onyx Graphics’ own color engine optimized specifically for large format inkjet printing. For more on ONYX Graphics, visit the company here.

Sepialine Software

Canon U.S.A. also announced the compatibility of its imagePROGRAF TX Series with Sepialine’s Argos and Printerpoint software solutions. It says this new compatibility helps enable TX Series customers to better track printing costs through advanced automation and monitoring capabilities, providing a framework to develop and offer cost-per-use contracts directly to end-users.

Sepialine provides software solutions for cost-recovery and printer management for the large-format printer market. With Sepialine’s software, Canon says its imagePROGRAF customers now have the tools needed to capture and automate data related to printer usage, real-time service and supplies requirements. These insights can help business partners offer a contract to their customers that incorporate all aspects of printer usage on a cost per use basis.

“We see tremendous acceleration in the adoption of cost-per-use billing for large format printers,” said Jeremy Evans, CEO of Sepialine. “As a platinum member of the Canon Alliance Partner Program (CAPP), we are excited to work with Canon to provide software solutions that help resellers open up new revenue opportunities and streamline their management processes.”

Canon U.S.A. and Sepialine have announced that the following software solutions are now compatible with Canon imagePROGRAF TX Series large format printers:

  • Said to be ideal for resellers, dealers and business partners, Printerpoint is cloud-based software designed to monitor large-format printer fleets to enable customers to proactively care for devices in the field. Printerpoint is said to streamline the time-consuming and often unpredictable tasks associated with printer-fleet administration, including service management, supply shipping, and automated monthly meter reads to help keep printers up and running. These services are part of a contract priced at $5 per printer per month for Printerpoint services.
  • Designed with the end-user in mind, Argos software tracks detailed per-print information to help customers allocate internal and external expenses. Widely used in the architectural, engineering, and eonstruction (AEC) industry, Argos is sold by resellers to customers with large- and small-format printers who require cost recovery and print-management features. With Argos integration, resellers can provide category-based billing for TX series printers, allowing them to charge different rates based on the job type, such as line drawings, maps, and full color images.

The new imagePROGRAF TX Series devices are the latest generation of large format printers in the Canon imagePROGRAF portfolio for the AEC market. Consisting of four new devices (imagePROGRAF TX-3000, TX-3000 MFP T36, TX-4000 and TX-4000 MFP T36), the TX series is said to feature major advances to the core technologies of Canon’s imagePROGRAF five-color devices, including a new pigment ink, inkjet print head, enhanced security capabilities, and faster speeds to print up to approximately 3 D-size prints a minute (147 D-size prints per hour).

For more information about Canon’s imagePROGRAF devices and large format printers, visit Canon here.

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