Nuance Communications Launches Nuance Edge for Copitrak

Yesterday, Nuance Communications released Nuance Edge for Copitrak, an external terminal that pairs with Nuance’s law-firm document capture software to improve the user experience, productivity and document security. Copitrak ranked the number-one document-scanner workflow and cost recovery software in the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) 2017 Technology Survey.

The Nuance Edge, an external hardware terminal adaptive to most copier/MFPs, is said to be capable of performance comparable to that of modern desktop PCs, and enhances the speed, functionality, and quality of scan delivery with a single unified user-friendly interface. When combined with Copitrak, Nuance says law firms will be able to eliminate inconsistent user interfaces, inefficient scanning workflows, and compliance risks.

“The release of the Nuance Edge reaffirms our status as the leader in supplying legal document capture and automated workflow solutions,” commented Chris Strammiello, vice president of Global Alliances & Strategic Marketing at Nuance Communications. “Law firms can continue to confidently rely on us to provide them the tools to further streamline their document capture workflows and increase security.”

Nuance says existing document-scanning workflows become more efficient with the new Nuance Edge pull-scanning mode, which scans directly from the terminal interface. Document-capture processes are streamlined with enhanced imaging-processing capabilities under which users can control resolution, DPI, contrast, brightness, auto color correction, and duplex mode, minimizing the need for time-consuming and post image processing.

The Nuance Edge comes installed with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, enabling organizations to easily manage their system and install the latest network security policies. The 12.1’’ LCD touch panel and unified interface make the terminal easy to use, and because it’s compatible with most copier/MFPs, the transition and acclimation period is brief.

Learn more about the Nuance Edge here.

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