Samsung: Five Ways to Stop Printers and Copiers from Wasting Your Time

We’ve all been there – scratching our heads over a printer error message, trying to figure out how to print from our smartphone, or wishing there was an easier way to log-in so we can scan that document. In the following post, Samsung Printing Solutions – now a part of HP Inc. – show five ways customers and users can minimize printer/copier time-wasters – from quickly resolving printer error messages with Samsung remote support, to automating repetitive tasks by setting up one-touch short-cuts on the touch screen, to making logging-in faster and easier:

“Hack 1: Enable Your Service Providers – and up Your Maintenance Game

Is this an all-too-familiar sight in your office? Your employees standing around, scratching their heads and wondering how to fix a printer error. In many cases, IT admins need to be called to the scene, or engineers must be called out. But according to one Samsung partner, some 75 percent of multi-function printer (MFP)-related troubleshooting inquiries are simply user misunderstandings – and not printer malfunctions or breakdowns.

That is where Samsung printing apps like RemoteCall and RemoteView can be of help. They let your printing service providers access your printers remotely, make fast diagnoses and provide you with troubleshooting pointers that you can put straight into action. The apps also allow experts to identify problems before they come to your premises. That means engineers can equip themselves with the necessary parts, tools or consumables before they set off for your offices, increasing their service speeds.

RemoteCall former is PC-compatible, while service providers can use RemoteView with just about any web-based platform. This means your company’s service provider can access the platform while out and about, via their mobile phones.

RemoteCall users need to provide service engineers with OTP every time they need to access a printer. However, with RemoteView, your service provider can keep a watchful lookout for issues on your devices, letting you know right away if something has gone wrong. All you need to do is enable access during the initial registration process.

Hack 2: Ditch Labor-intensive Workflows

Why not integrate scanning, optical character recognition and file distribution tasks into single, time-saving workflows with the Dynamic Workflow Smart UX Center app? Instead of spending time trawling through printer menus, you can use this handy bit of software to craft your own custom-made workflows – and then save them as single-touch shortcuts.

For more workflow assistance, Business Core users can also access the Document Workflow Core, a solution that lets you scan and sort documents before instantly distributing them to preset destinations. With advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality, you can also automatically categorize and archive your digitized scans by barcode, caller ID or metadata.

And with the new Business Core 2.5, there are ever more intuitive features, like improved faxing functionality. You can use Document Workflow Core to double-check your recipient’s information before you send a fax. As you type in your recipient’s fax number, your printer’s UX automatically displays the fax number holder’s contact details, so you can be certain your fax will reach its intended recipient!

Hack 3: Let Your Staff Print from their Mobiles

Are your employees printing from their phones? According to a recent survey, some 60 percent of digital natives do not know how to print directly from their phones. Indeed, many workers still find themselves hamstrung, and are using outdated processes that force them to stay rooted to their PCs every time they want to print.

However, mobile printing is, in many cases, much easier than many people think, and can help significantly reduce the time your employees spend on printing tasks.

The Samsung Print Service plugin is compatible with all phones and tablets that run Android 4.4 or above. With full Mopria Print Library certification, the plugin means 500 million users – quite probably including many of your employees – can get started with mobile printing without any further ado. Already, more than 20 million of its users have executed 35 million tasks – leaving the days of PC-only printing behind.

Hack 4: Use Faster Logins

Many Samsung printers can be used in conjunction with Active NFC authentication readers (electromagnetic wireless technology that lets hardware communicate over short distances), using solutions like Business Core’s Secure Login Core. That means that you can ensure your printers automatically hold off on printing documents until a user with an approved ID card comes into range – for more effective (and safer) authentication. And as many smartphones have built-in Active NFC chips, your staff can use their phones to login automatically and more conveniently.

In fact, with the new Business Core 2.5 suite, you can log out almost as fast as you log in – leaving your printer ready for its next user to access (and preventing unauthorized access!). The improved Secure Login Core lets admins set automatic logout times of under 60 seconds, customizing logout time settings as they wish – a boon for both security and business efficiency.

Hack 5: Access Handy Shortcuts

Samsung Smart UX Center users can access apps like Copy and the Scan and Send App to perform a range of business tasks. But did you know that with the Smart UX Center, you can use widgets that provide your staff with time-saving, user-specific shortcuts? In many cases, these let you access important app features – without even having to open any apps.

The Copy Customizer lets you select duplex, double-sided and other printing modes, and then save your settings for the next time you log on, saving you from having to rifle through menus every time. Meanwhile, the Scan Customizer lets you send scans to preset locations, like email addresses, folders or even USBs, without having to manually input destinations on each occasion. You can choose file types and also change resolution settings without having to open the Scan and Send app.”

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