New Lexmark MFP Kiosk for Government Provides Document-Capture, Print-on-Demand, Forms Repository

Lexmark International is expanding its “smart” MFP solutions for government, today launching the Lexmark MFP Kiosk for Government, a solution that uses Lexmark Smart copier/MFPs and their touchscreens as a self-service platform for document capture, forms-storage and printing, and even appointment check-in. The solution can be configured so that constituents can access any agency form, application, or other document, in any language offered, right from the MFP’s touchscreen- kiosk. Government agency employees can scan and capture constituent documents and route them to the appropriate employee, with document classification, extraction, and verification available.

According to Lexmark, the MFP Kiosks are easy to implement and use. The interface guides constituents through the process of submitting and receiving relevant information via prompts and simple icons on the MFP’s touch screen, so they can check in, manage their account, and receive directions and information.

Lexmark notes that security is key for government agencies, and Lexmark MFPs are built with information-protection as a top priority. All devices feature built-in security features to ensure data is captured, stored, and routed securely to help prevent information leaks and breaches and ensure compliance.

Applications include:

  • Smart Document Capture: Enable constituents to scan paper documents upon arrival, check for accuracy and completion and route to employees for immediate processing.
  • Print on Demand: Leverage the kiosk as a digital-forms repository that allows constituents and employees to locate and print the paperwork they need.
  • Appointment Check-in: Integrate the MFP with an existing appointment-management system to allow constituents to check in to appointments, manage accounts, and receive directions and instructions.

For more information about Lexmark Kiosk for Government, visit Lexmark here.

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