Samsung says the new MFPs feature low  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with toner cartridges rated to yield up to 40,000 pages and imaging drums good for up to 100,000 pages.

Meet the New ProXpress M4560FX

These higher consumables yields are said to provide a lower TCO and also minimize IT and user intervention.

Productivity Boost

Samsung notes that processing power and fast print speed are two other important concerns for SMBs considering investing in new office hardware. The ProXpressM4560FX features an  upgraded 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU for help processing complex graphic-heavy documents, and print speed is rated at up to 45 ppm.

Meet the New ProXpress M4560FX

And, while many MFPs use Reverse Scan technology to scan each side of a double-sided document separately, the M4560FX operates a more efficient Dual Scan system. This allows it to scan both sides of a document at once, achieving speeds of up to 60 double-sided ipm.

The ProXpress M4560FX also features a customizable 7″ touchscreen via its Samsung Smart UX Center interface. This Android-powered Smart UX is said to be as intuitive to use as a tablet PC or smartphone, and allows users to download a range of free and paid apps and widgets from Samsung’s Printing App Center 2.0.

The ProXpress M4560FX also incorporates Samsung’s eXtensible Open Architecture Embedded (XOA-E) platform, which allows customers to download solutions such as Samsung’s Business Core suite without installing an extra server.

Meet the New ProXpress M4560FX

The Smart UX Center allows users to download troubleshooting apps such as RemoteCall and RemoteView. These apps let users communicate directly with printer-service providers who can remotely connect with devices, making speedy diagnoses, and providing troubleshooting tips. While the former exclusively works with PCs, the latter can be accessed from any Web-based platform, including mobile or remote PCs. And, while RemoteCall requires customers to provide service engineers with OTP every time the engineer tries to access their MFP, RemoteView allows service providers to always keep an eye on the customer’s print/MFP fleet (subject to a single agreement in the initial registration process).

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