Canon Again Ranked Third in Number of U.S. Patents Obtained in 2017

Canon Inc. of Tokyo, Japan reported today that it ranked the third-highest for the number of U.S. patents awarded in 2017, becoming the only company in the world to have ranked in the top five for 32 years running, according to the latest ranking of preliminary patent results issued by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. Canon also once again ranked first for patents among Japanese companies.

The firm states that it “actively promotes the globalization of its business and places great value on obtaining patents overseas, carefully adhering to a patent-filing strategy that pursues patents in essential countries and regions while taking into consideration the business strategies and technology and product trends unique to each location.” Among these countries, it says the United States, with its many high-tech companies and large market scale, represents a particularly important region in terms of business expansion and technology alliances for Canon.

Canon U.S. patent rankings for 2005-2017

Ranking among
Japanese companies
No. of patents
2017 3rd 1st 3,285
2016 3rd 1st 3,665
2015 3rd 1st 4,127
2014 3rd 1st 4,048
2013 3rd 1st 3,820
2012 3rd 1st 3,173
2011 3rd 1st 2,818
2010 4th 1st 2,551
2009 4th 1st 2,200
2008 3rd 1st 2,107
2007 3rd 1st 1,983
2006 3rd 1st 2,366
2005 2nd 1st 1,829

Note: The number of patents for 2016 and 2017 are based on figures released by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. Figures for 2005 to 2015 are based on information issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Canon says it “prizes its corporate DNA of placing a high priority on technology.” Regarding research and development results, it says it actively promotes the acquisition of patent rights in accordance with the management direction of the Canon Group and technology trends, while conducting thorough pre-application searches to raise the quality of applications.

Through close cooperation between Canon’s technology and intellectual property divisions, Canon says it aims to improve its technological capabilities while further enhancing its intellectual property rights.

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