Kyocera First MFP/Printer Provider to Receive ISMS Cloud Security Certification

Late last year, Kyocera Document Solutions of Osaka, Japan, reported that it was the first MFP/printer provider to receive ISMS Cloud Security Certification, the latest requirement for cloud-based services that is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/IEC 27017:2015 standard, an international security standard for cloud-based services.

ISMS Cloud Security Certification is a third-party certification for cloud security, and is an add-on specification to combat cloud-based services security risks. The prerequisite to this certification is to obtain ISO/IEC 27001 certification, requirements for a holistic information security management system (ISMS²) that protects important data from various threats and mitigates risks.

Cloud-based services are IT services that are delivered over the Internet. The ISMS cloud security management system is for KYOCERA Fleet Services and KYOCERA eAppsMaker, and for the use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud-service customer. KYOCERA Fleet Services is a Web-based solution that enables dealers to perform remote maintenance on customers’ Kyocera MFP and printer fleets. KYOCERA eAppsMaker is a document-capture and distribution solution.

The firm points out that, today, as cloud-based services are increasingly being used in a variety of industries, tighter security control and management is required in accordance with the latest international standards for data security and the handling of personal information. In certain sectors, when cloud-based services are introduced — particularly in medical and educational institutions, and at companies and public offices where important information is handled — compliance with security standards is necessary, and thus the need for objective standards that certify the control system of each cloud service operator is growing.

The firm states that it’s working to achieve comprehensive control of security for data created in customers’ document workflows, and that it’s obtained ISMS Cloud Security Certification ahead of other companies in the industry as part of its efforts to provide safe, secure, and flexible cloud-based services to its customers.

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