OKI Europe Consolidates Europe, Middle East and Africa Sales Operations

To help further its strategy of creating “an agile, efficient and highly responsive operation,” OKI Europe reports that it’s bringing together its entire Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) sales operation (with the exception of Russia) under one umbrella. As a result, its current group of sales companies across EMEA will be combined under one legal entity. This cross-border merger will take place on January 1, 2018, with Poland and Finland joining the other companies later that month.

For some time, OKI Europe says it’s been moving towards a single, more united organization structure with consistent back-office processes and efficient sales and marketing programs, including pan-EMEA initiatives such as product launches, marketing campaigns, and dealer incentives. It believes that replacing multiple and diverse activities under different legal entities with a single, simplified structure will enable it be more agile and form a stronger closer relationship both with the channel and customers, backed by a larger organization offering more stability and credibility than the current independent local companies.

“As we work in an environment which is highly competitive and where customer requirements are continuously changing, we recognise the need to be identified as a credible brand. Bringing all our sales companies into one legal entity with a strong yet simple structure and consistent approach, will help us drive that confidence while maintaining sufficient flexibility to deliver on differing customer needs” commented Dennie Kawahara, managing director of OKI Europe.

“We believe as a company OKI Europe has been demonstrating this flexibility, evolving our product lines with the changes in business brought about by the digital revolution and ever-present need for unique demands, while maintaining our high quality at affordable prices. Now as one united business, we believe this decision further enhances our capability to serve our customers and partners in a more consistent, effective and agile way and we are in a good position to move further forward with more confidence as a single robust and resilient operation.”

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