Why Cloud Printing? Samsung Explains

Samsung Printing Solutions – now officially a part of HP Inc.-  explains that cloud printing and its own cloud-printing solution have numerous benefits for users and companies. In a nutshell, Samsung Cloud Print enables users to print documents – via the magic of the Internet – wherever they go, printing them via smartphone, tablet, or computer – whatever’s most convenient – and whenever and wherever they need them. With cloud printing, the print file is sent from the Internet-connected device over the Internet to the Samsung server in the cloud, converted into print-file format, and then printed at the selected printer, as shown below:

Cloud Printing for Enterprises

Cloud computing for enterprises features software and services running on the Internet, instead of on computers, enabling workers, for instance, to access documents and information virtually anywhere, not just at the office, but at home, on the road, etc., simply from a device with an Internet connection. Cloud computing is also said to free-up enterprises from having to support software and solutions on site.

Cloud printing, on the other hand, lets users print whenever and wherever they like – whether they’re working via smartphones, tablets, or desktop PCs, and no matter if the printer they wish to print to is half the world away or right in front of them.

Samsung Cloud Print is a solution that not only lets users print remotely from both mobile devices and desktops computers, but also manage documents from anywhere they like. For salespeople who seldom visit the office, or companies that operate Bring Your Own Device policies, Samsung says the solution is an “essential boon,” enabling easy-to-use printing on a wide range of devices.

Security is key, and Samsung notes that Samsung Cloud Print provides 256-bit encryption on all connections (mobile-cloud, cloud-printer, mobile-printer), keeping data safe every time it’s accessed.

Samsung’s Cloud Connector Core also offers business users further cloud-printing options. Part of Samsung’s Business Core 2.0 suite, this solution lets companies eliminate print servers, and provides cloud-based printing and scanning, with scan support for many file formats (such as .JPG, .PDF, .TIFF, and .XPS). It’s also compatible with a range of services, including cloud-based document-sharing and storage sites, including Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Hightail, OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint Online.

As with Samsung Cloud Print, the Cloud Connector Core features various security measures, including user authentication and authorization for Google Drive online storage, as well as OAuth 2.0 protocol protection.

Other Cloud Offerings

Samsung also feature cloud-printing alternatives, including from partner PrinterOn, which offers three cloud-printing packages for differing business needs.

The Enterprise package provides pull-printing functionality, print-queue management, and lets companies deploy across multiple servers. Companies can choose between on-premise, hybrid cloud. and third-party cloud deployment. The Express package, meanwhile, offers hybrid cloud solutions and on-premise deployment. PrinterOn Hosted is said to be a perfect fit for public print locations such as hotels, libraries, and airport lounges. Deployed via the PrinterOn Cloud, it provides integration with PayPal.

Following is a closer look at PrinterOn’s cloud-printing services and solutions, that also include email printing, file-to-print workflows, and plug-and-play services:

  • On Premise Printing – PrinterOn on premise printing solutions are deployed directly on-site within an organization. Software components are installed on corporate servers and all processing and encryption of documents is done on premise so that data stays within the boundaries of the secure network.
  • Microsoft Windows Printing – PrintWhere is a Windows-based print subsystem that enables secure, remote printing from any Windows application using Windows Surface tablets, desktops or laptops.
  • Apple Mac OS Printing – PrinterOn provides a secure way for users to print on or off the corporate network using the native print functionality of iOS mobile devices and Macs.
  • SAP Printing – PrinterOn offers pre-built solutions to integrate with ERP systems including a native add-on module for SAP. APIs are also available that allow custom integrations with PrinterOn.
  • Citrix Printing – PrinterOn Citrix printing solutions provide a way for users to access and print to any printer on any network from any mobile device, thin client or laptop running Citrix XenDesktop or Citrix XenApp.
  • Print Management – The PrinterOn solution is designed to operate alongside, and complement a number of existing print management systems such as Equitrac and PaperCut.
  • Pay-for-Print – PrinterOn integrates with many popular payment systems such as PayPal, ITC Systems, and Jamex providing customers with the opportunity to charge and track usage of their cloud-printing service.

Visit Samsung here to learn more about its cloud-printing offerings. and PrinterOn here.

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