Lexmark Introduces RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing

Lexmark International today announced Lexmark Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Laser Printing for Manufacturing, a solution that combines Lexmark electronic forms, color printing, and specialty-media capabilities into an all-in-one label and RFID color laser copier/MFP. The solution enables manufacturers to print, program, and customize RFID labels and tags from a single Lexmark color laser MFP. It’s also said to eliminate the risk of mismatches between RFID tags and labels, and consolidates device-management into one RFID-capable color MFP.

“RFID is a proven technology to help manufacturers maximize process efficiencies,” commented John Linton, industry director of Lexmark’s Manufacturing/Distribution group. “Work-in-progress, logistics, yard management, and document archiving are all typical areas where the radio nature of RFID helps overcome the line of sight challenges encountered with barcodes and visual labels.”

RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing is said to enable customers to:

  • Reduce labor costs: Significantly reduce time employees spend manually tracking work-in-progress.
  • Eliminate reworks: Keep contents and packages in sync, eliminating potential rework and incorrect product shipments.
  • Improve inventory management: Increase the accuracy of inventory saving time counting inventory.

Lexmark also states that its RFID Laser Printing for Manufacturing also has many benefits that other RFID printing devices don’t, including:

  • Simultaneous high-resolution printing and programming on large forms: Using a single print task, documents up to legal-size can be printed at up to 1,200 dpi resolution, and programmed simultaneously, preventing a mismatch between the human-readable label and the RFID tag.
  • Color printing: Text, barcodes, and graphics can be printed in full color to make labels easier to read and instantly distinguishable by a yard or line worker sighting the form from a distance.
  • MFP capabilities: The RFID feature works with an MFP that supports print, copy, fax, and scan, while also enabling label printing and RFID tag programming on a single device.
  • Complex media support: Lexmark products have the ability to print on a wide range of media on sizes, from 4” x 6”, up to 8.5” x 14”, including on labels, card stock, plain paper, and outdoor media.

For more information RFID Laser Printer for Manufacturing, visit Lexmark here.

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