New Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare Eliminates Printer-Downtime Backups

Lexmark International yesterday announced the availability of Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare, a solution that’s said to combine durable, easy-to-use Lexmark printers with advanced print-jog queue-management software to prevent backed-up print jobs when printers or copier/MFPs go down.

According to Lexmark, the typical healthcare facility relies on multiple print servers and application processes. When a printer goes off-line, it’s time-consuming process to get the full system back up and running properly. With Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare, this is automatic, as a single application provides visibility and control to printing output across the organization.

If a printer or MFP goes off-line, the queue-management application automatically rolls over all print queues, regardless of source, to a predetermined alternative printer or MFP. A detailed audit trail is available for all output activity to speed compliance audits, as well as promote process improvement.

Advanced Output Management for Healthcare allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Boost reliability and availability: Improve print uptime by reducing time spent managing multiple hosts; enable faster recovery of custom settings with automated restoration.
  • Improve security: Easily audit print, fax, copy, and scan activity to increase security and compliance efforts; identify and route print jobs to alternative output routes such as file shares and email.
  • Consolidate infrastructure: Reduce the number of print servers and accompanying hardware, maintenance and software costs; control the use of costly special features such as color, oversize print jobs, and out-of-print policy.
  • Speed information workflow: Intercept print jobs and inject custom features including plain paper, tamper-resistant printing for prescriptions and paper orders; provide electronic report distribution to save time and expense.
  • End-user tracking: Simplify incident investigation and audit compliance with detailed information of all print activity across the enterprise.
  • High availability: Leverage features such as re-print, restart and load balancing; automatically notify users and auto-generate service requests with automated failover to pre-designated alternative devices.
  • Increased visibility: Enable error notification for all print activity in a single system and page level confirmation of delivery to printer tray.
  • Single point of control: Track print jobs from initiation to the device’s output paper tray and output action; manage output for enterprise systems including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, MEDITECH,
    Allscripts and more.
  • Consolidated queue management: Centralize queue management including Windows and Unix print servers, and customized application print processes such as Epic’s EPS servers.
  • Cost management: Control cost by specifying which print jobs allow color by name, content, user group and more; reduce costs in IT service and operations disruption with faster printer resetting.


Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all solution into the healthcare environment, Lexmark says its healthcare workflow experts assist customers in designing a solution customized for their hospital’s unique requirements. The solution is available via Lexmark authorized resellers or directly from Lexmark.

For more information, visit Lexmark here.

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