This Week in Imaging: Xerox Gets Serious with a Dealer Channel and A4; More

Photo credit: Kathy Wirth

Is Xerox seeing the A4 and dealer-channel light? It seems so. This week – via comments from its CEO and another dealer acquisition by Xerox’s Global Imaging Systems – Xerox is showing it’s certainly serious with moving from direct sales to dealer channel. And while before it didn’t really seem Xerox – like many others – didn’t really have its their heart into A4 that appears to be changing.

Indeed, for various reasons – probably mostly because they’re not as lucrative as A4 – most traditional copier companies have been half-hearted with A4 versus A3. Meanwhile, A4 companies such as Brother and Epson are coming out with A3 printers/All-in-Ones. Who’s right?

We’d say both. As Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson seemed to say, previously Xerox was at a disadvantage when customers wanted A3 and A4 – now that’s not a problem with Xerox’s new business- and enterprise-class A4 offerings. The balanced deployment now appears to be A3 and A4.

Meanwhile, on the inkjet front, sales are continuing to be up for high-capacity/ink-tank inkjet printers and All-in-Ones, with Brother International reporting that, for its last six-month fiscal period, sales of its high-capacity inkjet printers were up 20 percent.

While there’s been a question of whether customers would be willing to pay more upfront for an inkjet printer – but one with cheaper ink – it appears pretty conclusive that they will, and that the razors-and-blade inkjet business model is definitely on its way out.

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