Samsung Transferring Warranties to HP

As part of HP Inc.’s purchase of Samsung Printing Solutions (now called S-Printing Solutions Company) for $1.05 billion, Samsung is alerting customers that it is transferring their warranties and customer information to HP Inc.:

As part of the transfer of our printing business to HP, we will need to transfer certain information across to HP. This will ensure that you will continue to be able to use the basic and extended warranty to be provided by HP after HP takes over the business.

This will also provide you with service continuity, as HP will be able to refer to service case histories that have been provided by Samsung.

As part of this move, we will need to transfer the following information to HP, which does not constitute personal data of customers. We are well aware that your consent is required before transferring of any of your personal data.

– Case history : history of advice you may have received from Samsung call centres and history of repairs by Samsung authorised service centres

– Details of the print device(s) you purchased from us, including model, serial no., date of purchase, and the details of any issues or repairs you may have experienced with your device(s).

– Service package information : Certification No., Package code, dealer code & name, model, serial no., registration date, purchase date, warranty start date, warranty end date

The details of the HP company to which our printing business has been transferred is as follows

– Company Name : HP Inc Hong Kong Limited

– Company Address : 25th Floor, Cityplaza One, 1111 King’s Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong”

Those who require further assistance can contact Samsung’s Customer Service Hotline  at 3698 4698 or email the company at

HP expects to complete its acquisition of Samsung’s printer business by the end of this year.

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