Print Audit Data Shows Who’s Printing – and Who’s Not


Print Audit, provider of print-management and print-tracking solutions, has released the results of its research that compares user, document, and vertical-industry printing trends for 2015 and 2016. The surveys  were compiled by gathering user-based data sets from end-user assessments for the periods.

According to the firm, the office-equipment industry is “undergoing dramatic changes,” and, as dealers look for ways to grow their businesses in 2017 and 2018, understanding how print behavior is changing will be critical.

Following is a look at current printing trends:

  • Average volumes by user are down: This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody as all of the industry think tanks have been showing the same for a few years now.
    • 2015 average daily pages/user: 20.54
    • 2016 average daily pages/user: 17.39
  • The legal vertical  market has the highest pages per user of all verticals, but it’s decreasing: In 2016, user’s printing in the legal, medical and accounting verticals led the pack for average volumes. These persistent pockets of print continue to be strong areas for page production.
    • 2015 average pages/day/user for legal: 87
    • 2016 average pages/day/user for legal: 79
  • Pages in the financial sector are decreasing: The Financial vertical saw strong page production for 2016, but it is down from 2015.
    • 2015 Financial vertical average daily pages/company: 6,397
    • 2016 Financial vertical average pages/company: 5,271


  • Color printing for email and Web are growing: Email printing in color saw an increase, likely due to the entry of more cost effective color printing devices to the market place.
    • 2015 percent of color from email and web printing: 20.54 percent
    • 2016 percent of color from email and web print: 27 percent
  • Color revenue is stable: Overall color spend remained stable in 2016.
    • 2015 color revenue as percent of total spend: 42.18 percent
    • 2016 color revenue as percent of total spend: 43.98 percent


  • Duplex printing is stable: Overall use of duplex printing is stable.
    • 2015 duplex as a percent of total volumes: 20 percent
    • 2016 duplex as a percent of total volumes: 20 percent


Print Audit is offering business owners full access to the BI dashboards, free of charge. Dealer principals can sign up for complimentary one-week login access to the BI dashboards HERE.  Premier members can get the same dashboards of their own customer MIF (Machines In Field) to see how printing trends are affecting their businesses directly.

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