Lexmark Healthcare Solution Uses Copier/MFP to Provide Downtime Assistance

Continuing to expand its solutions for managing document information and workflows, Lexmark International today introduced Downtime Assistant for Healthcare. The new solution is said to keep information accessible when systems are down to help ensure continuity of care and patient safety.

Lexmark Downtime Assistant for Healthcare uses the Lexmark copier/MFP to help healthcare delivery organizations maintain information access and continuity of care when systems are down.

With Lexmark Downtime Assistant, the reports, forms, and checklists needed during downtime are stored on a central file share. The Downtime Assistant app constantly refreshes reports from the electronic health record (EHR) system, or other key applications and stores them on the MFP’s hard drive for secure access during downtime. Document uploads and overwrites occur automatically throughout the day, so that updated forms and information can be accessed anytime.

Lexmark says Downtime Assistant complements the downtime capabilities provided by EHR vendors to fill in existing gaps and ensure organizations are prepared for downtime situations, including scenarios affecting applications, networks, departments, and the entire enterprise.

Lexmark Downtime Assistant for Healthcare leverages the existing Lexmark “smart” MFP platform, and provides the following:

  • Information stored on the MFP’s hard drive is said to be automatically encrypted and only authorized users can log in to access the information.
  • Users can review the list of the documents at the MFP and print only what they need, reflecting the most current content for maintaining continuity of care and operational efficiency.
  • Built on the Lexmark smart MFP’s customizable touchscreen interface;  users are said to require  minimal training and can begin using the solution immediately.
  • The solution requires no additional infrastructure or resources and leverages existing downtime technologies.

“Lexmark serves healthcare providers in more than 5,500 locations worldwide,” commented Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior vice president and chief technology officer. “Drawing upon this deep industry expertise, we built a solution to help healthcare delivery organizations provide more complete, enterprise-wide access to information during downtimes and faster recovery once systems are back up and running.”

Lexmark workflow experts will customize the Downtime Assistant for Healthcare solution based on each customer’s needs. The solution is available via Lexmark authorized resellers or directly from Lexmark.

For more information, visit Lexmark here.

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