Ricoh Enters Industrial Décor-Printing Market with New Pro T7210

Ricoh USA today launched its new RICOH Pro T7210, a UV inkjet wide-format printer, for industrial decorative printing, which is said to be able to print on a diverse range of materials of varied thicknesses.

Ricoh defines industrial printing as wide-format printing and printing done as a part of the manufacturing process to produce finished goods such as garments, textiles, metals, and architectural components.

The T7210 supports printing on substrates up to 4.3″ thick with a print size of 6.9′ by 10.5 ‘. This large print area is said to enable users to print on one 4′ by 8 -board, or on a variety of pre-cut pieces. For instance, three 3′ by 6’ boards can be printed on together at the same time. These features combine to allow users to print directly on a variety of materials that may traditionally be considered too unwieldy to print on.

The T7210 is rated to print at speeds of up to 50 m2/hour, or 538.2 ft2/hour, during standard operation. A media-gap adjustment sensor automatically measures substrate thickness and adjusts print heads accordingly. This technology is said to make switching between different substrate thicknesses easy.

Ricoh’s high-viscosity UV ink and its patented piezoelectric print heads are said to help produce eye-catching, unique applications for long stretches between print-head replacement.

The T7210’s intelligent resource management and streamlined interface are said to make short runs and one-offs simple and cost-effective to produce. T

John Fulena, vice president of Ricoh USA’s Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group, commented: “The business model for décor printing is evolving with increased demand for shorter runs and faster delivery times for custom and ‘small-batch’ wall coverings, flooring, furniture and tile. The T7210 gives printers the ability to do all of that, and it makes doing it easy, and effective. Whether a manufacturer is new to the décor market or an industry veteran looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality flatbed to grow revenues, the T7210 is a great fit.”

The T7210 will be on display at the SGIA EXPO trade show being held October 10-12 in New Orleans.

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