New Samsung Smart Printing Kiosk for Paid Print, Copy, and Scan

Samsung Printing Solutions has introduced Smart Printing Kiosk, a paid app available here in the Samsung Printing App Center that provides self-service payments for printing, copying, and scanning with compatible Samsung copier/MFPs.

By connecting MFPs to an automated credit card/coin box device, the Smart Printing Kiosk provides for-pay print, copy and scan capabilities. It provides:

  • Printing from PCs (via pre-paid card or credit card; the user enters a PIN of their choice in the print driver to send the print job, and then enters the PIN at the Samsung MFP’s touch screen to select payment method). Users can also print from USB memory drives and mobile devices. Printing paid for by credit card is via an optional automated payment device connected to the MFP.
  • Provides scanning to PCs and USB memory drives with payment via automated credit card or coin box.
  • Supports multiple payment methods, from cash and credit or debit cards, to online payment systems and mobile pay. Payment options are supported by Skuario, a Samsung software development partner that specializes in creating payment and registration solutions.
  • Enables pull-printing without a server

Supported languages for Smart Printing Kiosk, which is likely to be particularly useful in public locations such as universities and libraries, include: English, Korean, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

Supported Samsung MFPs include:

  • A3: MX4 Color/Mono : X4300LX/X4250LX/X4220RX, K4350LX/K4300LX/K4250RX.
  • A3: MX7 Color/Mono : SL-X7600GX/SL-X7600LX/SL-X7500LX/SL-X7400LX, SL-K7600GX/SL- K7600LX/SL-K7500LX/SL-K7400LX.
  • A4: M4580, M5370

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