Lexmark Introduces Smart Document Capture for Insurance for Streamlining Paper-Based Workflows


Lexmark International expanded its suite of solutions for making paper-based document workflows in vertical markets more efficient, introducing Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Insurance, a solution that uses the Lexmark smart MFP to help insurers digitize key processes for better efficiency and compliance.

Other recently introduced document-workflow solutions from Lexmark for vertical markets include targeted solutions for healthcare, banking, government, and retail.

Larry Early, Lexmark global industry director, talked about the need for digitization in making workflows more efficient in insurance companies: “Insurance customers today expect to interact through digital channels that provide a simple, convenient and consistent experience. Despite progress made, much of the information required for core insurance processes – like applying for new coverage, renewing a policy or filing a claim – is still communicated through paper-based documents. Getting that data into an otherwise digital process can be time-consuming, costly, and an irritant to customers. We developed Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Insurance to help carriers and agencies overcome this challenge.”

Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Insurance enables insurance carriers and agents to provide a connected, digital experience by efficiently capturing and processing paper forms and documents and quickly inserting them into existing systems of record to streamline digital business processes.

“This solution effectively turns the Lexmark MFP into a gateway to core systems for an agent, claims adjuster, field underwriter, home office associate or anyone supporting a customer,” Early said.

Smart Document Capture for Insurance was designed to streamline, digitize ,and simplify information management all across the insurance enterprise, allowing users to:

  • Onboard new applicants more easily:  Automate new application capture, tracking, and alerts for faster processing and more efficient on-boarding.
  • Accelerate remote payment processing: Easily submit and validate payments directly from the Lexmark MFP in a local office.
  • Enable automated claims processing: Leverage automated data extraction and verification to quickly process claims documents, eliminate errors, and avoid redundancies.

With capabilities that range from scanning directly to a system of record, to intelligently processing documents, Lexmark says Smart Document Capture for Insurance is tailored to meet the specific needs of the insurer. “A fast, intuitive and simple user experience” is said to require minimal training for enterprise-wide use, while intelligent technology is said to make it easy to capture and scan paper documents, and with the solution automatically identifying any missing customer information at the point of origination for better accuracy and compliance.

Lexmark says the solution makes it easy to integrate information and documents captured even at remote locations.

Visit Lexmark here for more information on Smart Document Capture for Insurance.

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