EFI Announces New Fiery FS300 Pro, Command WorkStation 6 for Production Printing

Electronics For Imaging (EFI) yesterday announced the next generation of its Fiery production-printing platform, the EFI Fiery FS300 Pro platform, which is designed to drive presses across sheet-fed, high-speed continuous feed, B1 folding carton, and corrugated digital-production printing systems, as well as Command WorkStation 6.

John Henze, vice president of marketing at EFI, commented: “With the trend toward shorter runs and faster turnaround times, digital print shops need systems that make every minute and every step count. Shops can double the processing speed on more types of jobs with Fiery HyperRIP enhancements on the Fiery NX Premium print server. Higher Fiery processing speed enables 10x the throughput than before on Fiery XB print servers, driving print engines all the way to 2,400 ppm and beyond.”

The Fiery FS300 Pro platform comes with the new, free Version 6 of Fiery Command WorkStation print-job management software, which EFI says is used by more than a quarter-million print professionals.

Fiery Command WorkStation

The Fiery FS300 Pro platform accompanied by the completely redesigned Command WorkStation is said to dramatically improve print-job management application. In less than two months, it says that more than 41,000 customers have already upgraded to the new version to run their print shops more productively.

“It was an easy transition to Command WorkStation 6,” commented Dan Moore, print operator at Star Digital Print in Lincoln, Nebraska. “As soon as we upgraded, we realized we can find specific jobs faster with the new search tools. We have an overall faster experience interacting with jobs and working with presets and templates to automate our workflows and keep our engines busy. We’ve found Command WorkStation 6 to be a reliable and robust way to manage print jobs across our three print engines.”

Another company using the software, New Delhi, India-based Avantika Printers produces more work per shift thanks to the Command WorkStation 6’s strengthened search features.

Command Version 6 features include:

  • The ability to manage a variety of printers across the production operation by connecting to Fiery Driven cut-sheet, high-speed inkjet presses, and, in 2018, wide- and super-wide-format printers.
  • Previews for all jobs and new search tools that provide faster ways to interact with jobs. Job views can also be customized to specific needs, such as by media, to help prioritize print production.
  • The ability to reprint a job faster and more consistently by using saved rasters on already printed jobs.
  • Home, a new view in Command WorkStation 6 that provides at-a-glance status of all connected Fiery servers and a snapshot of key print production statistics.
  • New versions of Fiery Impose, Compose and JobMaster that are accessed directly through Command WorkStation, which enables users to produce high-value print products more profitably, in less time and with fewer clicks. Imposition layout is simplified and users can more create gangup layout templates to automate job imposition which can turn a 10-minute job preparation into 10 seconds.

The Fiery FS300 Pro platform features easy prioritization of spot color edits on a job basis to satisfy customers’ specific color preferences.

Fiery ImageViewer enhancements include Object Inspector and Total Area Coverage features that are said to help identify imaging problems related to particular object types. Operators can diagnose and troubleshoot color problems without going back to the source files, savings hours in turnaround time to get jobs out.

The Fiery NX Station

The new Fiery workstations is said to feature a compact, ergonomic design and requires 20- percent less floor space than previous generations. The height of the NX Station LS work surface adjusts by six inches (15 cm) for user comfort. The LS workstation’s proximity sensor automatically displays Command WorkStation when the operator is near.

In addition to the LS workstation’s large, adjustable 27-inch monitor, Fiery NX servers include a unique 7-inch touchscreen display, with Fiery QuickTouch software that provides fast views of job status information and access to server management.

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