Xerox: How to Print from Apple iOS and Android Mobile Devices; Plus, @PrintbyXerox, Mobile Print Cloud

In the following blog, Xerox walks users through printing from their Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to Xerox printers and copier/MFPs. Below, we also provide information on Xerox’s @PrintbyXerox and Mobile Print Cloud for mobile printing

Xerox notes that approximately 60 percent of employees want to print from their smartphone or tablet, but right now, only about 20 percent can do so. Here’s how:

“Whether you’re a dedicated iOS user or you swear by Android, there’s one thing all smart phone users have in common; we’re all relying on our mobile devices to make our lives easier.

It’s a trend that continues to gain momentum now that more American workers are working remotely, and businesses are increasingly recognizing that working remotely can increase employee productivity.

How to Print From Android

Start by enabling Mopria Print Service from the Android device. From the home screen, tap the “Apps” icon, select Settings > Printers > Mopria Print > On.

Now it’s time to print:

  • From a supported app (such as Google Gmail), find the Print option from the app’s menu, and then tap Print.
  • Find the option to select your printer. Tap All printers, and the Android device displays a list of printers that are available on the Wi-Fi network.
  • Find your printer on the list, and then tap to select it.
  • Make any changes to the available printing options, if required.
  • Tap Print to send the print job to the printer.

How to Print From Apple iOS

Note: The new Xerox VersaLink, Xerox AltaLink devices and Phaser/WorkCentre have AirPrint enabled by default, meaning your Apple devices will automatically discover nearby printers or MFPs on the same network and you’ll be able to use them without additional setup

For older printers and MFPs, ensure AirPrint is enabled on your printer or MFP:

  • Access Xerox CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) by entering your printer’s IP address into a Web browser. If you need your IP address, print a configuration page.
  • In CWIS, click [Properties].
  • Click the [+] (plus) symbol next to the Protocols folder on the left side of the page to expand the list of options.
  • Under Protocols, click [AirPrint].
  • To enable AirPrint, tick the Enabled box at the top of the page. NOTE: AirPrint is enabled by default when IPP and Bonjour (mDNS) are both enabled.
  • Click [Save Changes].
  • If prompted, click [Restart] to save the new settings.
  • Submit prints from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac OS-based device.
  • Open the email, photograph, Web page, or document that you want to print.
  • Select the [Action] icon.
  • Select [Print].
  • Select your printer, then set the printer options.
  • Select [Print].

Refer to the User Documentation for the Apple iOS-based mobile device(s) and Mac OS-based device(s) for additional information on how to send print jobs via AirPrint.”

@PrintByXerox App

The @PrintByXerox App is also available for both visitors and employees to print directly to a Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled printer or MFP from anywhere in the world, without downloading software, or even being on the network!

With @PrintByXerox, users can print securely from any email-enabled device (computer, phone, tablet, iOS, Android, Google Chromebook, and more) using a single email address without any training or help from IT. They’ll simply send attachments to Then, when they arrive onsite, they find a Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink printer or MFP with the @PbX App (a free download from the Xerox App Gallery) and release their print job at the printer or MFP’s touchscreen.

Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0

Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0 is also available, with Xerox stating it’s added several new features and content:

  • Pull Printing (submit the job now, release it later) from a wide variety of Xerox EIP-enabled ConnectKey and earlier devices using the @PrintByXerox EIP app. Pull Printing enables you to send print jobs now and print them only when and where you’re ready.
  • An @PrintByXerox ConnectKey printer app, which enables pull-printing from select ConnectKey MFPs allowing agent-less configuration for companies wanting less infrastructure.
  • Company personalized email address supporting both existing job release workflows as well as the new Express Code workflow. When sending print jobs using email submission to Xerox Mobile Print Cloud, you can continue to use the existing universal email address, or you can now send to a company account that you specify, for instance: for all your print jobs. You also now have the choice of using the standard login process of email address (or personalized ID) and password, or you can enable the new Express Code flow which assigns a unique code for every email print submission and allows a more streamlined login process.
  • Cardless Authentication – Mobile Print Cloud acts as an authentication service, which allows Mobile Print Portal app users, as well as users who type their credentials at the MFP’s user interface, , to unlock the UI of the Xerox MFP for authorized use. There’s no need to carry a separate access key card. This function requires the account to have an Agent installed.
  • For a select group of Xerox ConnectKey devices and for when your primary interest is with the @PrintByXerox Pull Printing workflow, the @PrintByXerox ConnectKey app can be deployed directly to your device from a Xerox App Gallery account. Once installed on your MFP, the @PrintByXerox ConnectKey app communicates directly with the Xerox Mobile Print Cloud and eliminates the need for an agent. Your Xerox reseller can be contacted for further details on Xerox App Gallery related to installing the @PrintByXerox ConnectKey app.

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