New Xerox Trivor 2400 with High Fusion Inks for Printing on Offset Coated Stock

Xerox today introduced its new Xerox Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press with new High Fusion Inks. The firm notes that for many commercial printers, the cost savings obtained from inkjet printing was offset by the expense of having to use pre-or-post coating the paper, or having to purchase specialty inkjet-coated paper.  However, with the introduction of the Xerox Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press, it says all that has changed, as Xerox’s new High Fusion Ink can be used to print on offset coated paper with the Trivor 2400, eliminating the need for intermediate coating processes, primers, or added hardware.

The Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press is said to be suitable for producing personalized jobs such as direct mail, catalogs, magazines, and color books. High Fusion Ink are said to be specially formulated to optimize printing and drying on offset coated media, including matte, silk and glass stock from 60 to 250 gsm, up to 250 feet per minute.

While High Fusion Ink is optimized for printing commodity offset coated papers, Xerox says it can also be used to print on a range of uncoated media.

One of Xerox’s customers, Belgium-based print provider, VPrint, was in search of a way to produce high-quality, personalized large-volume direct mail, all without the added cost of specialty stocks for inkjet printing. The company says it found the perfect solution in the Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press.

“The ability to print directly on offset coated media without any specialty treatments using High Fusion Ink has enabled us to achieve full color personalization across oThur direct mail applications,” said Thierry Ngoma, plant manager for VPrint. “The flexibility, impressive print quality and speed that the Trivor 2400 delivers cannot be matched by any other device on the market.”

Xerox will showcase the Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press  from September 10-14 at the Print 17 trade show being held in Chicago. It will be available for installations starting in October worldwide, and for order taking at PRINT 17. For more information and complete specifications, visit Xerox here.

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