New Memjet DuraLink Inkjet Print Platform with Long-Life Print Head, New Inks, Print Modules

Maker of page-wide color inkjet-printing technology Memjet today introduced a new, additional color inkjet-printing technology platform called DuraLink. Memjet says that the new digital-printing platform features long-life inkjet print heads, pigment inks, and flexible modules to provide OEM partners a faster, easier way to develop solutions for high-volume commercial-, packaging- and industrial-printing markets. Memjet will showcase both of its inkjet-printing technologies at the upcoming PRINT 17 trade show being held September 10–13, in Chicago, Illinois.

DuraLink Print Head

The new DuraLink print head features 1,600 dpi native resolution, 8.77 inches (222.8mm) width, 70,400 nozzles, and five-times nozzle redundancy, all said to provide enhanced durability, and better reliability and return-on-investment. Five nozzles address each pixel on the page, allowing a single nozzle-out to go virtually unnoticed in the printed image, with 1 billion ejections per nozzle for each CMYK color.

According to Memjet, unlike most print heads on the market today, DuraLink integrates redundancy at the nozzle level, with 5x nozzle redundancy across 70,400 ink-jet nozzles. With five nozzles printing each pixel column, if one jet goes out, it will go virtually unnoticed in the printed image.

Memjet also says that the long-life DuraLink print heads require less maintenance and enable longer print runs. Moreover, printing companies no longer need to take on the cost and complexity of adding additional print bars to achieve nozzle redundancy or implementing costly image-quality monitoring systems.

DuraLink Data Path

Memjet says its powerful controller chip places the high-speed data pipeline under the operator’s control. The custom FPGA is designed for high performance, single-color print heads, enabling users with dot-to-dot control of print data for printing speeds of up to 203.6 meters per minute (668.1 fpm).

Print Modules for Stability and Flexibility

DuraLink modules are said to provide Memjet OEM customers with the ability to design and create a custom-printing solution specific to their applications. The standardized module designs provide the system capabilities of fluidics, maintenance, and data-channel management for Memjet print heads and inks, said to result in architectural system stability and design flexibility that enable the fast and cost-efficient development of solutions that meet the demands of specific markets.

Memjet says OEM partners can use these modules to build customized presses that offer print widths from 8.5″ (220 mm) to 100″ (2,500 mm), print speeds up to 668 feet per minute (203 meters per minute), one to eight colors simplex or duplex, and offset-like print quality at up to 1,600 x 1,585 dpi resolution.

Memjet also says DuraLink has a lower cost than other print-head technologies. This, along with the available modules, is said to enable OEM partners to affordably build inkjet solutions designed to meet the needs of their specific markets.

DuraLink Inks

Memjet says it took over five years to perfect the DuraLink ink formulation. Built to perform with the DuraLink print head in high-speed inkjet printing solutions, this new ink is said to provide an attractive combination of water fastness, light-fade resistance, competitive gamut and image quality, and high reliability across a broad range of media types.  It’s also said to be low-cost, with short dry time, and features small drop-volume one.

Eric Owen, general manager of commercial printing at Memjet, commented: “Memjet set out to develop an additional inkjet technology that would bring quality, speed and affordability to high-volume markets. To be successful, this technology also needed to keep pace with the rapid rate of change happening in the industry. The result of this effort is DuraLink. By bringing together a long-life print head, durable pigment ink, 100 inches (2.5 meter) maximum print width, and a range of versatile modules, DuraLink enables the rapid, cost-effective development of next-generation solutions for commercial, packaging and industrial printing markets.”

For more information on DuraLink, visit Memjet here.

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