This Week in Imaging: Secure Networks for Secure Printers and Copier/MFPs; Trouble at Fuji Xerox; More

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Printer and copier/MFP security is in the news again this week, mainly due to the recent high-profile business-focused wannacry ransomware and petya malware security breaches.

KYOCERA Document Solutions also released its SecureAudit security solution. “So what” you say? The real news is that KYOCERA is laudably making an effort to ensure that its dealers and customers provide a an easy-to-install/use/maintain security solution for their connected printers and MFPs.

Why? Due to ignorance or frugality, many customers ignore the perils of cyber security and simply hang their printers and /MFPs onto non-secure networks. This ignorance has resulted in unfortunate events time-and-again, including the recent ransomware bomb, in which various universities and businesses spanning the United States were threatened. The universities and businesses reported print-outs, faxes, and emails asking for a ransom to be paid by Western Union in the amount of $25,000 to a Brazilian citizen, Asheville, North Carolina, police told the Citizen-Times.

These messages stated “that the recipients’ properties were rigged with explosives that would be set off if the ransom was not paid. Local police authorities in Detroit and Ohio said the threats were part of a hoax and not credible.” Nevertheless, the “hoax” naturally caused a bit of a stir.

It turns out that the universities had indeed deliberately installed their printers and MFPs on open networks to make it easier to facilitate a print-for-pay solution for their students.

These types of attacks are now part of our everyday connected lives and it’s clear that businesses need to step up their games and pay a bit of attention to the security of the networks that they’re connecting printers and MFPs to. As a result, companies like KYOCERA, HP Inc., Lexmark, Xerox, and others are making big efforts to make it easier to do so.

The take-away is that there’s one important point to remember: every printer and MFP needs a modicum of security (e.g.: encryption) if the network that it’s connected to is breached, and a vast majority of them are so equipped. However, printer and MFP vendors can only do so much, as a secure network still remains key.

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