Lexmark Introduces ‘Fleet Intelligence’ MPS Program for Resellers

Lexmark International today announced a new print-fleet-assessment service for its reseller partners, called Fleet Intelligence, which it says will enable reseller partners to easily present customized data-based proposals to their customers in order to optimize their printer and copier/MFP fleets and improve customers’ return on investment.

With the Lexmark Fleet Intelligence managed print services (MPS) program, partners are said to receive the benefit of Lexmark’s enterprise-assessment tools, and industry-specific methodology and analysis, resulting in custom fleet assessments and proposals unique for each customer.

The final Lexmark-generated proposal includes a needs-analysis based on the partner’s completion of a detailed customer survey and data collection from customer printers and MFPs.

The Lexmark assessment is said to provide specific recommendations for a future-state fleet design based on Lexmark’s best practices, all packaged in a professional proposal that is ready to be presented to the customer.

According to Lexmark, Fleet Intelligence provides key information that will give resellers the opportunity to:

  • Scale-up their existing sales services.
  • Gain customer insights for tailored fleet designs.
  • Deliver data-based proposals.
  • Close more deals with compelling facts

To do this, Lexmark business analysts tap into knowledge gained from performing thousands of assessments. Lexmark uses this knowledge to create a custom data-based proposal for resellers to deliver to their customer. The final proposal includes:

  • An overview of the current state of the customer’s fleet.
  • A needs-analysis based on the detailed customer survey and 30 days of data collected from customer devices.
  • Specific recommendations, down to specific models and features, total cost of ownership, and a business case with cost analysis, for a future-state fleet design based on best practices

Under the program, Lexmark reseller partners:

  • Target customers for assessment with more than 30 devices to evaluate, and a new Lexmark hardware-placement opportunity greater than $50,000.
  • Interview these customers to complete the customer survey, and find out details such as the number of employees, print-environment goals, existing maintenance or managed print services contracts, and annual print spending.
  • Install a Lexmark data collector at the customer’s site to monitor devices.

Once the customer survey is completed and approved, and the data collector has run 30 days, Lexmark will begin its analysis.

A Lexmark consultant will take the data provided by the reseller, and benchmark it against similar customers, design an ideal future state for the customer’s printing fleet, and then create an estimate of their total cost savings if they work with the reseller  and Lexmark to optimize their business.

With the collection of 30 days of data and a completed customer survey, Lexmark generates a finished and custom proposal presentation with supporting sales documentation for resellers to present to their customer.

For more information, visit Lexmark here. Lexmark reseller partners can contact their Lexmark representative, or visit Partnernet.lexmark.com to learn more and get started with Lexmark Fleet Intelligence today.

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