Alexa, Please Scan this Document to the Cloud: Xerox Voice Recognition for Copier/MFPs

Last week, Xerox provided more information about  Xerox ConnectKey copier/MFPs with voice recognition (VR) technology, so that users can don’t have to use their copier’s control panel – but can now give their Xerox copier/MFP voice commands.

The new functionality, introduced in March, is provided in partnership with Vision-e Voice and the Amazon Voice Recognition system, Alexa. It works with Xerox’s new  ConnectKey i-Series enabled printers and copier/MFPs, as well as with Xerox WorkCentre and the newly released Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink models. Customers will also need the Amazon Echo device (where Alexa “lives”) and the Vision-e Voice app.

Users can not only use VR for tasks such as making copies and scanning, but can also gather information about the machine, including toner-supply levels and meter reads, and even submit a service request. Alexa will repeat the user’s command before performing the task.

Via voice command, users can:

  • Request the Xerox copier/MFP to make copies, specifying the number of copies, single-or double-sided, etc. Alexa repeats the command.
  • Request the Xerox copier/MFP to scan a document and attach it to an email message (Alexa requests the email address), as well as scan a document to (Alexa requests the customer’s Dropbox folder).
  • Query the Xerox copier/MFP if enough supplies -paper and toner – are available to complete a particular job.
  • Check firmware levels.
  • Request service.
  • Contact the customer’s Xerox partner or sales rep.
  • Obtain the copier/MFP’s serial number.

Donna Davis, vice president of Solutions Sales at Xerox partner Vision-e, said the new app “allows users to access the many features” Xerox offers on MFP devices. “Some users need help navigating through our extensive feature set,”whereas this app allows users to easily ask Alexa to make double-sided copies, order supplies, submit a service call, and many other printer tasks. “It’s a powerful conversation, and an efficient way to communicate,” said Davis.

Visit Xerox here for more information, and contact Xerox here to find a partner to install the system.

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