Ricoh Updates Streamline NX Solution with ‘Significant Enhancements’


Ricoh USA today announced “significant enhancements” to its signature RICOH Streamline NX application, including improved automation in document scanning and indexing documents, streamlined access via simple user authentication, and reduced waste by minimizing forgotten prints. According to Ricoh, this is made possible by leveraging workflow, device, and information-management capabilities built directly into the software platform.

With Streamline NX, Ricoh says organizations only need to train workers to use one software solution for device management, print, copy, scan, fax, and related workflows. Users can simply walk up to a Ricoh copier/MFP, swipe their ID card, and securely scan to a variety of destinations with optical character recognition (OCR) and metadata, or release confidential  print jobs at the MFP without risking leaving them unattended on the output tray.

The user-friendly software is also said to make it  easy for users to print directly from their mobile device.

Customizable workflows are also said to reduce formerly complex tasks to a few taps, as employees move information “where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, in the format in which it is needed.”

Streamline NX can support up to 100,000 devices on the core server, and  customers can add up to 250 additional delegation servers.

The software can also generate a variety of usage reports that can provide insights to guide decisions about group policy or resource allocation. Devices and groups of devices can be monitored and managed in and outside the office, including via smartphones and tablets. For instance, settings for a group of MFPs can be set on one device and then “pushed” to others, creating a familiar experience for users across the organization.

Streamline NX can also automatically redirect jobs destined for offline devices to a similarly capable, online alternative; enforce resource-conserving print policies; and impose user- or project-specific budgetary account limits.

Additionally, optional zonal OCR and bar-code support can provide targeted data extraction to support predefined routing workflows.

To learn more about Streamline NX, see this video.


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