Konica Minolta Beefs Up ‘Healthcare MFP’ with Expanded Kno2 Document-Exchange Platform

Continuing to focus on the healthcare vertical market, Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA today announced that it’s expanded its partnership with Kno2, which provides a platform for patient document-exchange in healthcare. The partnership is said to fortify Konica Minolta’s focus on electronic connectivity in healthcare as a replacement for fax. Konica Minolta integrates Kno2’s interoperability platform into the Konica Minolta bizhub MFP control panel as a core function under the option “Share Patient Information.”

Kno2’s cloud-based platform captures and exchanges documents from virtually any source, including from fax machines to an EMR. The platform determines the most inter-operable format and method of exchange for a document.

Konica Minolta points out that, traditionally, the convenience of copier/MFPs’ fax function reduced the incentive for healthcare organizations to transition to inter-operable patient document-exchange. It says that it recognizes that this continued reliance on paper faxes interferes with the goal of widespread secure data exchange between all healthcare providers. As such, it says it continues to invest in alternative document-exchange solutions and “is committed to eliminating fax as the default method of exchange in healthcare.”

The Konica Minolta “healthcare MFP,” connected by Kno2, is said to enable connectivity within the healthcare network, transforming clinical documents into “usable, relevant and structured patient documentation within normal workflows.” The result is that documents are compatible with electronic medical records (EMRs), solving inter-operability at the source, the MFP.

The firm also notes that healthcare legislation, changing reimbursement models, and quality reporting require effective and secure sharing of patient documents. The Konica Minolta healthcare MFP is engineered specifically to address these concerns for healthcare providers that aren’t connected due to the following challenges: 1) paper-based patient-charting system of records, 2) non-certified EMR implementation, or 3) lack of connectivity due to delayed capital-intensive technology investments.

“Healthcare providers understand the costs and risks associated with faxing, yet it remains the habitual technology to exchange medical information in healthcare,” commented Kno2 CEO Jon Elwell. “The Konica Minolta healthcare MFP makes it simple and affordable for care providers to get connected, share inter-operable content, reduce costs and mitigate HIPAA-violation risks.”

Konica Minolta says healthcare represents “a large vertical market” for the company, and says it’s invested in adding its Konica Minolta healthcare MFP to its portfolio

For more information on Konica Minolta’s healthcare solutions, visit the firm here.

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