Hyland Completes Takeover of Lexmark’s Perceptive

Hyland Software has completed its acquisition of Lexmark International’s Perceptive Software group, according to Healthcare IT News, adding some 700 employees to Hyland.

With its Perceptive acquisition, Hyland acquires 17 Perceptive offices around the world, including Perceptive’s headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas, and Perceptive’s enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

Earlier this month, private-equity firm Thoma Bravo completed its acquisition of Lexmark International’s enterprise software business, which consists of Kofax, ReadSoft, and Perceptive.

As part of the transaction, Kofax and ReadSoft have been combined to create a single, newly independent Thoma Bravo portfolio company under the Kofax brand, while Hyland, which was acquired by Thoma Bravo, was set to acquire Perceptive.

The Perceptive enterprise software now in Hyland’s portfolio includes: Perceptive Content (previously known as ImageNow), Perceptive Intelligent Capture (formerly Brainware), Acuo VNA, PACSGEAR, Claron, Nolij, Saperion, Pallas Athena, ISYS, and Twistage.

Lexmark acquired Perceptive Software in 2010 for $280 million.

 According to Healthcare IT News:

“For Hyland’s healthcare clients, officials said that Acuo VNA will bolster the capabilities of Hyland’s OnBase to offer a top platform for managing clinical content enterprise-wide. The company will also improve its advanced capture tools by integrating Perceptive Intelligent Capture’s recognition engines.”

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